Viva El Birdos Week in Review: 2/22/14-2/28/14

Rob Carr

The last week of February was a busy one here at VEB. We released the VEB Community Top 20 prospect list, the Future Redbirds Top 20 prospect list, and RB gave us his Top 10 Prospect Rodeo. Legopiece Theater made its triumphant return. Joe delivered some observations on Cuban SS Aledmys Diaz from evaluators who have seen him play. And more...

It's officially baseball season, you guys.



Fanpost of Note

Saturday, 2/22/14

Sunday, 2/23/14

  • Joe considered whether Cardinals fans should think twice about Cuba shortstop Aledmys Diaz based on the firsthand observations of former player agent and current MLB consultant Joe Kehoskie.
  • I analyzed the fallout from Jaime Garcia's shoulder setback.

Monday, 2/24/14

  • Fourstick unveiled the 2014 VEB Community Top 20 Prospect List.
  • Rui released the 2014 VEB Community projections for Matt Holliday.
  • Fourstick profiled an Other 15 roster member who just becomes even more relevant in the wake of Garcia's shoulder issues: southpaw starter Tyler Lyons.
  • In the first Monday Hunt & Peck, Lil' Scooter looked at the weekend in links.

Tuesday, 2/25/14

  • Fourstick and Cardinals 645 delivered the 2014 Future Redbirds Top 20 Prospect List.
  • Rui gave us the 2014 VEB Community Projections for Mark Ellis.
  • Craig examined whether catching on consecutive days sapped Yadier Molina's power at the plate.
  • The inaugural VEB Writers Roundtable discussed the case for each of Lyons, Joe Kelly, and Carlos Martinez to be named the Cardinals' No. 5 starter.

Wednesday, 2/26/14

  • Rui broke down the 2014 VEB Community Projections for Kolten Wong.
  • RB gave us his Great Big Prospect Rodeo Roundup, 2014 Edition.
  • I explained why St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Joe Strauss is wrong and, in fact, advanced pitching stats indicate Lance Lynn is ready to emerge as a top-tier starter.
  • The first Birdographic illustrated the starter innings-pitch gap the Cardinals potentially face entering 2014 and asked whether it was cause for concern.
  • Joe delivered more juicy firsthand observations about Diaz, this time from Peter Bjarkman.

Thursday, 2/27/14

Friday, 2/28/14

  • Rui delivered the 2014 VEB Community Projections for newcomer Peter Bourjos.
  • I broke down the good and bad news regarding Garcia's shoulder.
  • Lil' Scooter gave us her collection of Hunt & Peck links.

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