The MooCow Predicts - You Listen!  :=8O

Hay, ho, its the MooCow.


Now I know many, many of you have been asking the question: what does the MooCow, that wily, wise old bovine, think our Opening Day roster will look like?

Well, prepare to be blown away (BLOWN!) by these Holstein-proportioned prognostications, 'cause the MooCow know what the nose knows...err, something like that.

Anycow, without further adooo:

Starting Rotation:

Wainwright, Lynn, Miller, Wacha, Garcia. I am pretty sure the Cards FO want Carlos Martines and Tyler Lyons getting stretched out as starter, to fill in if there is an injury (I'm looking at you, Jamie G) or sophomore ineffectiveness (Miller, Wacha). Barring injury or a trade (Lynn?), expect to see Car Mart in September as a full starter after a full year at AAA.


Rosenthal, Motte, Siegrist, Maness, Choate, Kelly. Again, unless there is an injury or general ineffectiveness, I expect these guys to form up the 'pen, with Freeman, Neshek, and maybe Tyler Lyons as the next guys to come up. I really don't think we'll see Cart Mart as a reliever again, although I cud be wrong (it has happened once or twice!).

Starting 8:

Moolina (c), Adams (1b), Wong (2b), Peralta (ss), Carpenter (3b), Holiday (lf, Bourjos (cf), Craig (rf)

It is possible we may see some kind of platoon situation a 1b and 2b, and maybe even cf, but I think things will even out and we may actually have a cowsistant line-up fr the first time in forever. I think Adams will hit lefties enough to rest him only every now and then against them; I think Wong will also hit well enough that Ellis will only get into about 40-50 games tops; and I think Bourjos ekes out Jay in center, and Jay becomes the OF super-sub a'la Descalso, with the occasional appearance of Sugar Shane.


Here is where the fun starts. Clearly we can pencil in Cruz, Ellis, Descalso, and Jay. I think the final spot goes to Shane Robinson, at least initially - I expect the FO wants to see a nice, full season of healthy AAA for OT, although you should expect a September call up (or as early as June if he's healthy and mashing). Again, a lot depends on health, but you can also expect to see Stephen Piscotty at some point, probably Scott Moore, since we all want to protect Yadi, and maybe even James Ramsey. I'm not sold yet on Randal Grichuk, I would like to see what he can do in AAA for the first half. Greg Garcia is an-udder we cud see as well, since he gives moore versatility in the IF than Kozma, who we will probably see in Sept.

Part of this depends on Boujos' health; if he tanks somewhere in the yea, then Jay mooves back to cf and the hottest hitter in our suddenly packed AAA of comes up as a replacement. But I expect OT to become the permanent replacement by the end of the summer, if not before.

So, we have all that. Clearly nertlerb, eh??

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