Viva El Birdos Week in Review: 2/15/14-2/21/14

Randy Choate owns a batting helmet. Who knew. - Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Joe interviewed Joe Kelly. Rui unveiled the first four VEB community projection results. Fourstick and Cardinals645 finished up their Hatchlings profiles and asked the VEB community to submit their top 20 Cardinals prospects. Craig looked at what a Matt Carpenter extension might look like. Lil' Scooter hunted, pecked, and shared with us the links she found while doing so. I looked at BABIP and how to use it. RB profiled the relievers in this year's amateur draft.

VEB Site News

  • There's still time to submit your Cardinals prospects list for inclusion in the community top 20 list. But hurry, time is running out!

Fanpost of Note

Saturday, 2/15/14

Sunday, 2/16/14

Monday, 2/17/14

  • Rui asked for Joe Kelly 2014 projections from the VEB community. We're still accepting community projection submissions here.
  • Joe interviewed Cardinals starting pitcher Joe Kelly.
  • Craig looked at Joe Kelly's strikeout rate compared to other pitchers who have moved back and forth between the bullpen and rotation.
  • Fourstick authored The Ramsey Chronicles.
  • Cardinals645 profiled Triple-A pitchers Boone Whiting and Lee Stoppelman, as well as outfielder Tommy Pham.

Tuesday, 2/18/14

Wednesday, 2/19/14

  • Rui delivered the VEB community projection results for Allen Craig.
  • I broke down why Carlos Martinez is an illusory starter, no matter how much I wand him to be an actual starter.
  • RB broke down the relief pitching prospects in this year's quickly approaching MLB amateur draft.
  • Joe interviewed lefthanded pitching prospect Marco Gonzales.
  • Craig looked at the Cardinals' reported interest in Cuban shortstop Aledmys Diaz.

Thursday, 2/20/14

  • Rui revealed the VEB community projection results for Matt "Big Mayo" Adams.
  • I opined that it's a good thing the Cardinals framed their center field situation as a competition.
  • Joe interviewed would-be center fielder Randal Grichuk.
  • I examined Allen Craig's 2013 power outage through the prisms of SLG and ISO.

Friday, 2/21/14

  • Rui kicked off the Marp Day festivities with VEB community projection results for the new Cardinals third baseman.
  • Joe broke down "The At Bat," Carpenter and Clayton Kershaw's third-inning encounter during the decisive NLCS Game 6.
  • Craig examined what a potential Carpenter extension might look like.
  • Lil' Scooter delivered us her package of links from around baseball and the world of sports.
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