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The 2013 Cardinals had a memorable season for many reasons. Adam Wainwright having one of his best seasons. The stampede of rookie pitchers filling important roles and succeeding. Matt Carpenter putting up a 7 WAR season at position he’d never played before which happened to contribute just 0.4 WAR for us the year before. The same high level of value we expect at this point out of Molina, Holliday, and Craig. A second full season of Beltran being an important offensive contributor, against the odds. Shaking off the season long absence of Chris Carpenter, Jason Motte, and Rafael Furcal, as well as an early season ending injury to Jaime Garcia. The rise and fall of Edward Mujica. Same with Mitchell Boggs, except for just the falling part.

Wainwright complete games:

Wainwright threw a Major League leading 242 2/3 innings, in part affected by an also major league leading 5 complete games.

4/13 4 hits vs. Brewers

5/11 Two Hit Shutout vs Rockies

6/1 vs. Giants

6/29 @ OAK

8/23 vs. Braves

And of course, when remembering Wainwrights two hit CGSO against the Rockies it's hard not to also remember:

Miller's 13 K, 0 BB, 1 hit CGSO

And on the subject of one-hitters from rookies:

Wacha goes 8 2/3, one hitter vs. Nationals

Who can forget this moment in the thick of a 3-way division race:

8/26 Craig's first Grand Slam to beat the Reds

Or Matt Adams performance after Craig's ankle injury:

Adams' two HR in extras

The 2013 Cardinals didn't have one clear cut offensive superstar. They had five hitters on a nightly basis (six total, but the only times they were all in the lineup together was in away interleague games) that were very good to great followed by two league average hitters. Thus, I remember the 2013 Cardinal's offense mostly as a squad that always had the potential to start a huge game deciding rally. Here are just a few examples, I'm sure they're a lot more. Anyone with more examples is encouraged to add in the comments.

9 runs vs. Giants 4/27 Warning: Wigginton sighting

6 run second @ Brewers 5/5

Another 6 run second @ Brewers 8/21

6 runs 3rd @ rockies 9/17

After Motte's season ending surgery and the disaster that was Mitchell Boggs, Mujica secured the closer role for a while. Why we certainly were happy he was doing well, there were fears he would eventually suffer from BABIP regression. One of Mujica's last save opportunities became Martinez's first

Martinez closes out 10th

My favorite part of this that you don't see in the above replay is that Martinez zips two high 90's fastballs way high and outside against his first hitter, falling behind 2-0. Then Molina goes out to talk to him and he proceeds to retire the side in order. Unfortunately doesn't have a clip showing that. But of course, Rosenthal would soon later settle into the closer's role.

Rosenthal's first save

Now we'll move on to the Playoffs, beginning with a very memorable NLDS:

Great athletic play by Martinez in game 1

Smashing Atoms in game 5

Kozma's diving grab in game 5

Wainwright's complete game in game 5

Next up, NLCS against the Dodgers

Beltran does it all in game 1

Very memorable series where Wacha outduels the best pitcher in baseball TWICE:

Wacha works out of big jam in 6th inning game 2

Wacha's gem in game 6

Holliday's no doubter

Martinez picks off Punto in high leverage spot

Marp's 11 pitch AB against Kershaw ending with a double in game 6

...And the rally that ensued

The WS didn't end how we wanted, but there were still some great moments

Martinez pitching 7th and 8th in game 2

Rosenthal strikes out side on 11 pitches in game 2

Craig sacrifices his body to win game 3 with grit

There is no doubt a lot more great video of the 2013 season, but that is about as much as I can do at this point. I will periodically add more video in time but I would love to see others post some more video as well. You may have noticed mine is fairly pitching centric, I would love to see someone add more memorable video of fielding and hitting. Anyways, enjoy and please add on.

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