Ranking MLB Pitchers With SIERA and Total Batters Faced

Being that SIERA is possibly the most predictive stat, and the amount of batters faced shows at the very least a pitcher's endurance to some extent, I would like to take a look at the most successful pitchers from 2013 by simply dividing TBF by SIERA. This will of course present a rather large spread of what I like to call PVR, or Pitcher Value Rating. I like to think of it almost as Power Factor, a somewhat primitive proto-sabermetric batting stat, but for pitching.

In 2013, Adam Wainwright lead the majors in Total Batters Faced. He was both the horse and the wagon for the Cardinals in 2013, which is pretty normal for him. The very tall ace is as cool as they come and has been the Cardinals pitching lynchpin for a while now. Another Missouri team also had the other league's TBF champ in James Shields.

R.A. Dickey was #3, which could be a sign of a laboring pitcher. But ultimately, I think it is more accurate than using innings pitched for this particular exercise. Another high TBF guy (905), Jeremy Guthrie, possesses the MLB's worst SIERA at 4.79. For anyone wanting to know what the hell SIERA is, it is a more complex version of FIP and xFIP:

So, I'd like to list the pitchers according to both SIERA and Total Batters Faced, and a quick way to do that is to divide TBF by SIERA, which is what I call PVR:

  1. Adam Wainwright: 317.6
  2. Cliff Lee: 302.1
  3. Yu Darvish: 297.2
  4. Clayton Kershaw: 296.7
  5. Chris Sale: 292.6
  6. Felix Hernandez: 289.4
  7. Max Scherzer: 280.5
  8. Cole Hamels: 260.1
  9. AJ Burnett: 258.4
  10. Hisashi Iwakuma: 254.7
  11. Matt Harvey: 254.6
  12. Jeff Samardzija: 253.9
  13. Doug Fister: 252.4
  14. Justin Verlander: 251.4
  15. Homer Bailey: 250.4
  16. James Shields: 245.7
  17. Anibal Sanchez: 240.7
  18. Mat Latos: 240.7
  19. Patrick Corbin: 236.3
  20. Justin Masterson: 236.2
  21. Jordan Zimmermann: 235.7
  22. Madison Bumgarner: 235.5
  23. Derek Holland: 234.7
  24. Stephen Strasburg: 230.6
  25. CC Sabathia: 229.9
  26. Lance Lynn: 227.7
  27. Jon Lester: 227.5
  28. Mike Minor: 225.9
  29. Tim Lincecum: 224.3
  30. Ricky Nolasco: 224.2
  31. Ervin Santana: 223.1
  32. John Lackey: 218.5
  33. Kris Medlen: 218.1
  34. Gio Gonzalez: 217.8
  35. Hiroki Kuroda: 217.4
  36. Rick Porcello: 217.1
  37. David Price: 215.7
  38. Chris Tillman: 213.9
  39. Julio Teheren: 213.8
  40. Hyun-Jin Ryu: 213.4

And that's your top 40 pitchers last year, going by the nicely predictive stat of SIERA and Total Batters Faced. A very nice group of pitchers to draft in your fantasy leagues next season.

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