A Bit of Optimism in a Time of Fear

When the Cardinals are losing (and they certainly haven't been winning recently), I can't stand reading blogs and articles about my beloved team. They tend to be depressingly negative, and it hurts. So I ignore the world of the Cardinals until they start winning again, as they tend to do.

I doubt that I'm the only one who suffers from this affliction, so I bring you some happy facts about the Cardinals, from this year and beyond.

First, a quick trip through some of the under-performers (and over-performers) in the lineup:

Matt Carpenter - Even after his slump, Carpenter leads all of baseball with 87 runs, and leads the NL in doubles with 37. He's still hitting .308/.378/.467.

Carlos Beltran - After only one home run and nine RBIs since the All-Star Break, he still has 20 home runs (tied with Troy Tulowitzki), and is still hitting .305/.340/.519.

Matt Holliday - One of the few bright spots of the Cardinal slump, Holliday has hit an absurd .403/.486/.565 since the All-Star Break, driving his average from .268 to a more realistic .290 for the season.

Allen Craig - Craig has been awful since the break, hitting under .260 with only 13 RBIs. And yet he continues to lead the league with a .464 average with runners in scoring position. He also is still only third in the NL with 87 RBIs.

Jon Jay - The other bright spot in the Cardinals lineup, Jay has been hitting .325/.375/.438.

And the rotation:

Adam Wainwright - In spite of his recent struggles, Waino still has a 2.66 ERA (6th in the NL), 156 Ks (4th in the NL), and is tied for the most wins in the NL (13, see: Lance Lynn).

Shelby Miller - He's still one of the best rookies in baseball, and is doing a phenomenal job, with a 2.89 ERA, 132 Ks, and 11 wins. He's actually been better since the break, with a 2.70 ERA and a 2-1 record.

Lance Lynn - 13 wins. Since the break, he's been decent with a 3.03 ERA. He's lost some big ones, but he doesn't appear to be falling apart.

Joe Kelly - Wow! Just wow. Since being made a permanent starter, he's posted a 2.01 ERA and has gone an impressive 3-0.

The Cardinals as a whole still boast a 67-50 record, a solid seventeen games above .500. ESPN gives the team a 97.3% chance of getting to the playoffs.

Mike Matheny has gotten a lot of flack lately, probably deservingly so, but his record thus far is pretty good. A 155-124 record with one trip to the playoffs in one season of managing ought to earn a little faith, not calls for an early retirement.

The team is far from dead, or even dying, so have some hope, keep the faith! It'll all be ok come October.

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