Daily Farm Report - 7/28/13

A daily recap of the minor league players in the Cardinals' farm system.

Memphis 3, Round Rock 4 (11 innings)

Springfield 6, NW Arkansas 5

  • Mike O'Neill was 2-for-4 with a walk. He's hitting .316/.427/.381 on the season which remains a really odd stat line that will keep me wondering whether he can make it in the majors with that combination of approach and (no) power.
  • Jake Lemmerman was 2-for-4.
  • Adam Melker was 3-for-3 with a double.
  • Anthony Ferrara walked 7 in 3.1 innings. He allowed 3 runs on 1 hit and struck out 3.
  • Justin Wright pitched 2 innings and struck out 5. He walked 1 and allowed 2 hits. Wright's walk rate is higher than you'd like but with 52 strikeouts in 43 innings he's worth keeping an eye on.
  • Lee Stoppelman picked up the win with 1.1 scoreless innings. He struck out 3, walked 1 and allowed a hit.

Palm Beach 1, Daytona 2

  • Palm Beach collected just 3 singles and 4 walks in the game.
  • Ryan Sherriff allowed 9 hits in 6.2 innings but was tagged for 2 unearned runs (Palm Beach had 3 errors). He walked 2 and struck out 4.
  • Iden Nazario finished off the final 2.1 innings with 2 walks and 3 strikeouts.

Peoria 3, Kane County 6

  • Charlie Tilson was 0-for-3 but walked twice. Tilson's just 20 and missed last year due to a shoulder injury. That said his .687 OPS is not compelling for a top draft pick. With James Ramsey now having moved up rapidly through the system, Tilson has a harder road to travel to the majors potentially.
  • Peoria had an odd game overall where they collected only 6 hits but walked a whopping 9 times.
  • Brad Watson allowed 5 runs (4 earned) on 7 hits in 5 innings of work. He struck out 4 and walked 2.
  • Joseph Scanio struck out 1 in 2 innings of work.

State College 5, Batavia 10

Johnson City 3, Elizabethton 1 (12 innings)

  • Vaughn Bryan, CF, was 2-for-6.
  • Leandro Mateo, SS, was 2-for-5 with a walk. Mateo was also responsible for the 2 run walk off home run in the 12th inning. It was his first home run of the season.
  • JJ Altobelli, 3B, was 3-for-4 with a walk and his first home run of the season.
  • Blake McKnight had a solid outing with 6 innings of 1 run baseball. He struck out 5 and walked 1 while allowing 6 hits.
  • Steve Sabatino pitched the final two innings walking 1 and striking out 6. That's 28 strikeouts in 18 innings for Sabatino.
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