Request for help- Birdos all-time 25 man roster

Excited to see what Mike "Down with the Sickness" Wacha can do tomorrow. But, to business...

Okay, so lets put the vivaelbirdos community to work. I have a fellow baseball aficionado colleague (Twins fan), and we have challenged each other to construct each of our team's ultimate 25 man roster. I should mention that the idea isn't to put teams together who would be evenly matched. Both he and I recognized at the outset that my Birdos team would be a lot, although a Carew, Puckett, Mauer, Killer, Olivia 1-5 is not one I would relish facing if I were a pitcher. This is more of an exercise in roster construction.

Suffice it to say, the Birdos 25 man will leave off some Hall of Famers.

Some caveats: each player had to have enough cred to make the squad, defined as at least 3 years, OR a special significance to the team. For example, I granted him a Paul Molitor home-town-boy excemption, and I agreed that Carlton isn't Cardinal enough, given his less than graceful exit and success with the Phillies. Also, the roster has to be realistic in the contemporary 25 man roster sense of the phrase. In other words, our bullpen does really need to be bullpen guys, and we can't have an unworkable number of corner outfielders and first-basemen. Also, we are going with the no-DH standard. Pitchers hit here.

Here is what I have so far.



3rd...struggling to make a choice...Boyer or Rolen...Boyer wins on Cards cred, Rolen wins on peak offense (though Boyer was not chopped liver), defense...not sure, my dad says Boyer. Anyway, struggling. to see the wizard

LF...The Man

CF...tough call...Brock out of position? Jimmy Ballgame? Flood? Willie?

RF...Ducky, out of position. If he can play left, he can play right.






Bob Carruthers (Decent pinch hitting option on non-starting days)




Lee Arthur

Todd Worrell

Hrabosky (yeah, I know)

LOOGY 1- Kliner

LOOGY 2- Horton?


The Fordham Flash is in

Simmons is backing up Yadi and is a good power bat off the bench

I would love to put Mize here, but do I want two first basemen?

How many outfielders can I realistically put on the team?




Slaughter (Gibby would intimidate the racism out of him)?

Anyway, I need help with the gaps and arguments for replacing those I have decided on. Specifically, I need, at least, another bullpen arm, probably two, I need to fill out the bench (versatility and hitting is key here, I think), I need to decide on the quandries. HELP!

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