The day the hot stove exploded: A Wednesday Temp. Thread



Apparently a lot of things went down yesterday. Enough to make the fingers of a sports blogger bleed, I would assume. Here is a brief synopsis of what exactly happened, because I am still not really sure, until our regularly scheduled red baron mini-epic:

Right before the hot stove turned plaid:

44 players had been non-tendered, including mustache loving, John Axford.

Ludicrous Speed:

Athletics acquire Jim Johnson for Jemile Weeks

Nationals acquire Doug Fister from the Tigers for Robbie Ray, Ian Krol, and Steve Lombardozzi.

AJ Pierzynski goes to the Red Sox.

The Athletics keep doing stuff:

Oakland picks up outfielder Craig Gentry from the Rangers in exchange for Michael Choice.

The As will also get Josh Lindblom, and Chris Bostick from the Rangers.

The Padres and A's trade Seth Smith for Luke Gregerson

The As look poised to trade Brett Anderson

More teams do more things:

Yankees sign Brian McCann for $17M per season for four years, with an option for 2019

Twins sign Ricky Nolasco for $12M annually from 2014 - 2017.

Rays acquire catcher Ryan Hanigan and Heath Bell through three team deal with the Reds and Diamondbacks. They agree to $11M, three year extension with Hanigan. Reds receive David Holmberg, D-Backs cut salary and receive Justin Choate

Tigers look to sign Joe Nathan for something around 2 years and $20M

And we have gone plaid:

Astros Acquire Dexter Fowler from the Rockies in exchange for Jordan Lyles and Brandon Barnes

Beltran has been rumored to have been offered a three year, $48M deal. The team is not known, but the Mariners and Royals are making a strong push. Many are convinced Beltran will return to the Royals, but he isn't close to a deal with anyone

The Marlins will sign Saltalamacchia for a three year, $21M contract

Philies acquire Brad Lincoln from the Blues Jays for Erik Kratz and Rob Rasmussen

Rockies sign Justin Morneau for two years and $13M for no apparent reason.

Reds look unlikely to trade Brandon Phillips

The Yankees sign Jacoby Ellsbury to a $153M, seven year deal.

Mets are in serious talks with Curtis Granderson

The White Sox look to re-sign Paul Konerko

The Robinson Cano Saga:

Mariners are interested.

Is this... everything? With all that, it looks like the NL central has been relatively quiet.


5 trades in one day

Pitching wind-ups from Japanese video game

I will miss you, John Axford!

Don't forget about VEB winter meetings tonight!

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