This offseason has been quiet.

Too quiet.

When the biggest free-agent signing so far has been Skip Schumaker, you know the well is running a little dry. Not to say there aren't bigger fish out there. Let's recap.

November 10:

Jeff Passan writes that the Cards are looking at Tulo and would consider a deal including Matt Adams and Shelby Miller.

November 11:

Some people think for some reason we would go after David Price.

November 12:

Mo states the door is open for a deal with Carlos Beltran, although it is looking more and more like he will go elsewhere.

Miklasz writes the the Cards may be interested in upgrading third base.

The Cards are rumored to be interested in Jed Lowrie, although the A's are adamant they will not shop him.

Reports state the Cardinals inquired with the Rockies about Dexter Fowler, but they are not a suitable match.

November 13:

Remember that rumor about the Cards trading Shelby Miller for Orioles' JJ Hardy?

Oh and also the one about the Yankees being interested in Freese?

The A's again state they are not interested in moving Jed Lowrie.

Beltran looks like a good match for the Texas Rangers, according to a Dallas writer.

November 16:

The Cardinals sign thirty year old minor league free agent third baseman, Scott Moore.

November 18:

Ed Easley, a minor league free agent catcher, was signed by the Cardinals and extended an invite to spring training.

A more detailed recap can be found at MLB Trade Rumors.

Other notable news:

The Giants sign Tim Hudson to a two year, $23M contract.

The Phillies have re-signed Carlos Ruiz to a three year, $26M contract.

Marlon Byrd also signed with the Phillies for a reported two years and $16M.

The Yankees have all but signed Brendan Ryan. A deal should be reached around next week, pending a physical.

The Bombers are also expressing interest in Jhonny Peralta.

Cano is still demanding a shit-load of money, around ten years and $310M.

Jeter has also been re-signed to a one year, $12M deal.

As mentioned earlier, the Reds have signed former Redbird, Skip Schumaker to a two year deal.

The Cardinals are still awaiting approval to purchase the Memphis Redbird franchise.

The Legend of Korra season finale is on this Friday. EEK.


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