Something, something, Tulo and Viva El Run.... ( A temp. thread )


I am debating just writing this 149 more times or whatever the word count is, but I won't.

I am very rarely at a loss for words, but today appears to be one of those days. So, what I will do is recount the Viva El Run to you all.

It was 6:00am. The sun was not yet over the banks of the Mississippi. I sit in my black PT Cruiser crossing the ferry into the county over. I am on my way to Soulard to participate in my first race and meet my new internet friends for the first time.

The ferry gives you time in an otherwise hectic life to think, even if you don't want to. I am nervous. What if they don't like me? What if they think I am dumb? What if I get lost? "Don't think that way," I told myself. "Everything will be alright. You were voted most outgoing and best hair in high school. You are not afraid to meet people."

I keep driving, stop for snacks, keep driving, cross the McKinley and make my way to aruzavatar's house (I think). I see people outside who are very obviously VEB people to me. I cannot explain why. I just knew. Also, the running gear helped.

We go inside, meet and it was all fine. Fink didn't realize I was there at first, but I don't hold a grudge or anything (just ask Joe Kelly). I eventually got to meet big scoot, and Mrs. scoot, and pattimagee, and hazel, and ScottXner, and aruzavatar, and SecondHalfMatt, and another Scott, and mtzc, and EvilFrog, and tomsteele, and a fink! It was great! (Hopefully I didn't forget anyone.)

We finished the race, and I am pretty sure I placed last among the VEB squad. But I was first in having a great day. We would end up on the field. Jason Motte and JJK were there. We got our picture taken with them! Motte almost face-planted right in front of us trying to jump the railing into the stands, mere seconds after JJK cleared it without issue. Fink won his age bracket, although he would pay the ultimate price later by having to amputate his foot*.

We would eventually get free tickets to see the Cardinals take on the Braves, and meet a player and may or may not shake the hand of said player (depending on how loose your definition of a handshake is). But that is a long story worthy of its own fanpost. (This is the time I met Rui.)

When I get time I will add some of my pictures!

*May or may not be embellished for effect

Now for links:

Here is a heartwarming story to make you cry and lift your spirits all at once!


Happy birthday, Gibby!


Happy birthday, Moonlight Graham!

I also want to wish all the veterans and active duty service members here (which by my count, there are a few) a happy belated Veterans Day and extend my thanks for your service! Keep being you!

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