Question from an Astros fan

Hello Cardinals fans! I have an interesting question/discussion that I want to propose.

First off, I want to go ahead and say that nothing I say is meant to be offensive or demeaning. I'm only curious about this topic; I want to hear what you guys think.

I'm an Astros fan who lives in Chicago. I've visited St Louis for some Astros games before (went to both games of the 2-game series this year). There are plenty of Cardinals fans that live up here, and many of my good friends are included in that. I've noticed that so many of these Cardinals fans I've encountered are.. well... to be honest they're pretty arrogant. Of course, every fan base has fans that aren't perfect. But it seems like there are more cocky Cardinals fans than other fan bases. It's kinda weird. As an Astros fan, I always take heat from tons of different teams' fans. Cubs fans talk a little, White Sox fans talk A LOT (mainly about 2005), Brewers fans think they're better than they really are, but Cardinals fans are different. I don't only take heat about how bad the Astros are (according to them they won't compete for another decade or so), but it's downright arrogance about how baseball works and the "amazing" Cardinals. It's difficult to explain without going out and giving tons and tons of examples. And it doesn't make a lot of sense because the fans I encountered when I was actually in St Louis seemed to be really cool. I don't really understand it.

Again I want to say I don't mean to offend anyone. I know that the fans that are die-hard enough to come onto this website are probably not like this. That's why I chose to ask you guys on here. You guys, I'm assuming, are respectful, down to earth baseball fans.

Just one example... When I approached one of my friends (Cardinals fan, really arrogant) with this, he completely denied it and took offense to it. My theory that I proposed to him is that fans of an often-winning franchise, like the Cardinals, naturally get more cocky fans the more they win. Not meaning all fans eventually get cocky. Some hardcore fans do, and plenty of "somewhat fans" get cocky. The ones that don't know who Stephen Piscotty or George Springer are. They're generally younger. But it's these fans that usually voice they're negative opinion more often, whether face-to-face or on something like Twitter. These are the fans that I encounter all the time around here. And believe me, they are annoying.

My friend's stance was basically "We're known to be the greatest fans in the world, we can't do any wrong! We're perfect!" and "I've been to St Louis many times and the fans there are great! They aren't cocky at all." Of course, his statements were pretty arrogant. He continued to go at it with me about how Cardinals fans are perfect for the next hour or so.

I should clarify what I mean by arrogance. I mean talking about your team like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and having the attitude that every other team is a complete failure in comparison to yours.

I know not all Cardinals fans are like this. Not even close. I've had some great conversations with Cardinals fans about baseball. But why are there so many? Have any of you noticed there seems to be a lot of fans that just aren't very humble? As for Chicago sports, I've noticed there is a growing amount of Blackhawks fans that just talk and talk and talk. Is that what it is with St Louis sports, too?

I hope none of this is offensive and we can actually discuss this. I want to be able to root for the Cardinals, but I just can't bring myself to do it because of how much negative experience I've had with the Cardinals.

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