First Half Predictions Contest Results

With the first half of the season in the books, I found it interesting to see what we thought would happen before the season began. Link

I haven't gone through to look at the community's response to each question as a whole, but there were some definite surprises. Nobody picked the Pirates to be leading the division, for instance, and Yadi's extraordinary year mixed with Berk's injury made predicting the fWar of our 4 best hitters very difficult. Many of us believed in Tyler Greene's ability to win a starter's label, and very few of us thought Beltran would be leading the team in home-runs. Very few VEBers had Lohse having the lowest ERA among starters, even though he did that all last year.

On the other hand, many of us predicted David Freese would OPS between .800 and .850, many of us pegged our winning percentage, and the tie-breaker question regarding Waino's wins at the break saw a lot of accurate results.

In the end, 4/11 was a common score, there were several 5/11's, and just one 6.

There were several 1's, both from people who tried to do well, and some who were going for the booby prize, and there were a couple of 0/11 scores, the worst (as judged by the tie-breaker) from Fang.

Winner: JortsAndTimberlands, 6 correct. You have your choice of the fun 80's cardinals collection or the mustaches of the 80's collection.

Second Place: WyoCardsFan. who had 5 correct with a perfect tie-breaker. You get whatever jorts doesn't choose above.

Third-Fifth, all with 5 right, but just 1 off for the tie-breaker: HootieWho, MDRedbirdFreak, CodyG. I'm awarding third to CodyG for getting the Cardinals Winning-Percentage question correct.

The absolute best worst loser: stlcardinalsfang You win a surprise! What will it be? Will it be better or worse than last year's booby prize (an Al Hrabosky and Ricky Horton duo of baseball cards!)? Only time will tell.

Jorts, Wyo, and Fang, post here and then e-mail me at afink418(at)gmail(dot)com

You have one week to claim your prizes before they are awarded to the next person in the rankings.

Look for the second-half predictions contest later today or tomorrow.

1. This team will be leading the NL Central at the break (if there's a tie, both teams will be considered correct).

A) The Cardinals

B) The Brewers

C) The Reds

D) The Pirates

E) The Astros


2. The Cardinals' winning percentage at the break will be:

A) below .500

B) .500-.539




F) .660-infinity


3.The player on the Cardinals who will have the most home-runs at the break will be:

A) Matt Holliday

B) Lance Berkman

C) Carlos Beltran

D) David Freese

E) Allen Craig

F) Someone else


4. David Freese's OPS at the break will be:

A) below .700

B) .700-.750

C) .751-.800

D) .800-.850

E) .851-.900

F) .901-.950

G) Higher than .950


5. Tyler Greene will have this many steals at the break:

A) less than 7

B) 7-14

C) 15-21

D) 22-29

E) More than 29(!)


6. The leader in ERA at the break will be:

A) Adam Wainwright

B) Jaime Garcia

C) Kyle Lohse

D) Lance Lynn

E) Jake Westbrook


7. Carlos Beltran will have at least 10 HR's and 8 SB's at the break.

A) True

B) False


8. Tyler Greene will have firmly entrenched himself as our starting 2nd baseman by the break (I am the sole arbiter here)

A) True

B) False


9. Jason Motte's ERA will be

A) Under 1.75

B) 1.75-2.24

C) 2.25-2.74

D) 2.75-3.24

E) 3.25-3.74

F) 3.75-4.24

G) over 4.24


10. Rank the following 4 in terms of their fWAR at the the break:

rank from MOST to LEAST

Beltran(3), Berkman(4), Holliday(1), Yadi(2)


11. Rank 4 of the following 6 (so skip two!) in terms of their fWAR at the break:

rank from MOST to LEAST

Craig(2), Descalso(5), Greene(6), Jay(3), Furcal(4), Freese(1)


Tie-Break only:

Adam Wainwright will have this many wins at the break __7__

Good luck, and thanks for playing!

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