All-Star teams by fWAR

Writing this post, I am setting out to make a clear and unbiased All-Star team based purely off the numbers. Well not purely off the numbers. If a player has a ridiculous UZR that is not in line with his career numbers, then I'll adjust it by taking their last two seasons and this half a season. If it's in the reasonable line, then I don't touch the numbers. ("Reasonable line" example - Carlos Ruiz - '12 UZR: +3.0; '11 - +1.5; '10 - +7.0) Most players I won't touch the numbers

I kind of wanted to see how Cardinals players grade out against the rest of the league. It's more fun when there are seven or eight players who could find their way into the All-Star game on your team. (Reading back, I greatly exaggerated this number, but I'm sure this is not an unpopular opinion)

Make no mistake though: I am not a huge fan of the All-Star game especially the voting. Question: Does it actually matter if you are a starter or not? What I mean to say is, do you get a special distinction for starting the game ? I don't believe you do so when people are outraged that Buster Posey leads Yadier Molina in voting, well I'm sorry to say I'm not preparing to write any angry letters (Do people still do that?). Cause I don't care. At all. I know Molina will make the team and I frankly don't care which avenue he ends up taking in making the team.

Which is to say I cannot wait until the voting ends. Partly so I can stop hearing people complain about Molina not being in first. There have been much bigger travesties than Posey starting on the All-Star team (the outrage I speak of is only in St. Louis or imagined by myself). /Rant over

I'm not sure how many players actually make the team, but since I think it's around 40, I'll take the top two players at each position plus four "utility" players - top players who weren't in top two for any position. Then I'll take the top 10 starting pitchers and five relievers.

I think more than 35 make the team, but it's either "my team sucks so here's the best representative we have" a.k.a. Evan Meek, "my manager is the manager of the All-Star team" a.k.a. any year with Charlie Manuel at helm, or finally fan vote a.k.a. the year Joey Votto inexplicably almost missed making the team.

National League All-Star Team

Catcher - Carlos Ruiz (4.0 WAR - !!!!), Yadier Molina (3.2)

First Base - Joey Votto (4.8 WAR - !!!!), Paul Goldschmidt (1.6 - Kind of a down year outside of Votto)

Second Base - Aaron Hill, (2.8), Dan Uggla (2.2 WAR)

Third Base - David Wright (4.6 WAR), Chase Headley (3.2 - UZR a little questionable, but he's WAY ahead of the next best so I'll leave it be)

Shortstop - Jed Lowrie (2.5 WAR - Nice trade Jeff), Jimmy Rollins (2.2 WAR - Ian Desmond is ahead because he's a positive fielder - last two season UZRs > -5.4 and -8.8 - I'm not buying)

Outfield - Ryan Braun - (4.1 WAR - He's an elite fielder now? Yeah right...), Michael Bourn (3.7 - +11.2 UZR), Martin Prado (3.4); Backups - Melky Cabrera (3.1), Jason Heyward (3.1), Andrew McCutchen (3.0)

Utility - Carlos Beltran (2.9), Matt Holliday (2.7), Carlos Gonzalez (2.5)... and because I need at least one infielder Starlin Castro (2.2)

I passed over Andre Either with a +6.4 UZR in favor of Carlos Gonzalez with a -7.8 UZR. Either very well may have become a good fielder - he was +5.3 last year after double digit negatives the previous two. I am confident he has not become this good (Hell, zIPs has him at even fielding for the rest of the year so my doubt is not alone). Gonzalez has been average so far in his career fielding-wise so I'm pretty positive he did not become one of the the worst fielders in the league in the prime of his career.

I originally chose Jose Altuve, but the Cubs are without a representative and Castro actually has a higher WAR so this was a somewhat easy decision.

Starting Pitching - Zack Greinke, Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, Matt Cain, Johnny Cueto, R.A. Dickey, Wade Miley, Josh Johnson, James McDonald, Cole Hamels

Relief Pitching - Aroldis Chapman, Craig Kimbrel, Matt Belisle, David Hernandez, Sean Marshall

I passed over Tyler Clippard with a 1.95 FIP due to the fact that he has allowed zero homers and he has a 36.2% groundball rate. His xFIP is 3.69. Marshall and Rex Brothers have identical WARs but Marshall has been a bit unlucky on homers while Brothers has been a bit lucky.

That's only three Cardinals on the WAR list. Might as well add Lance Lynn because he has 10 wins and Rafael Furcal might make it as well. Allen Craig and Jon Jay have not played enough games. David Freese is honestly like the fifth best third baseman in the NL right now so he should definitely not make the team.

All-Stars by Team:

6 - Braves

4 - Reds, Diamondbacks

3 - Cardinals, Phillies

2 - Mets, Astros, Brewers, Giants, Pirates, Rockies, Nationals,

1 - Padres, Marlins, Cubs

0 - Dodgers (Sorry, I think it'd be wrong to keep Gonzalez out in favor of Eithier so much so that the Dodgers have zero representatives)

American League All-Star Team

Catcher - Joe Mauer (2.2), Matt Wieters (2.0)

First Base - Paul Konerko (2.2)

Second Base - Robinson Cano (3.9), Jason Kipnis (2.3)

Third Base - Mike Moustakas (2.8), Brett Lawrie (2.7) - Both guys are young and zIPs seems to buy their ridiculous defense)

Shortstop - Elvis Andrus (3.0), Asdrubal Cabrera (2.3)

Outfield - Mike Trout (3.9), Josh Hamilton (3.6), Austin Jackson (3.4), Adam Jones (3.4), Alex Gordon (3.0), Josh Reddick (2.6)

DH - David Ortiz (2.4) - the reason for only one 1B

Utility - Mark Trumbo (2.8), Jose Bautista (2.6), Adrian Beltre (2.5), Miguel Cabrera (2.4)

Colby Rasmus narrowly misses making this team with 2.4 WAR.

Starting Pitching - Justin Verlander, Chris Sale, Jake Peavy, CC Sabathia, Felix Hernandez, Jered Weaver, Jason Hammel, Matt Harrison, Jon Lester, CJ Wilson

Relief Pitching - Joe Nathan, Joaquin Benoit, Fernando Rodney, Chris Perez, Charlie Furbrush

Who is Charlie Furbrush? Who is Tom Wilhemson? Where did the Mariners come up with these two suddenly elite relievers? I have literally never heard of either of these guys. Furbrush won out over the five guys with 0.9 WAR because he had the lowest FIP (2.01) and xFIP (2.14) out of the five guys.

All-Stars by Team

5 - Rangers

4 - Tigers

3 - Orioles, White Sox, Indians, Angels,

2 - Yankees (I wish...), Royals, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Mariners,

1 - Twins, Athletics, Rays

Fun Fact: Josh Reddick and Jed Lowrie (combined 5.1 WAR) were traded for Mark Melancon, Ryan Sweeney, and Andrew Bailey (combined .6 WAR - all from Sweeney at 1.0 WAR - Bailey hasn't played and Melancon has -0.4 WAR).

I want to live in a world where the Orioles and Indians have more All-Stars than the Yankees and Red Sox. Unfortunately the world we live in does not allow this to happen.

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