Yet More Words About The St. Louis Cardinals

May 24, 2012; St. Louis, MO. USA; A streaker is removed from the field during the seventh inning of a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier: The St. Louis Cardinals Pitching Meltdown FAQ ~version 1.3a~

It is now the time of the afternoon when I remind you, the viewer, that SB Nation's coverage of the St. Louis Cardinals is not entirely contained by the column you're reading at this very moment. I hope you'll enjoy this sampling of links from our very own FanPosts section—available as its own blog here—as well as from the regional I edit when I'm not checking GameFAQs, SB Nation St. Louis.

SB Nation St. Louis

This week columnist Nathan Grimm takes a look at some peripherals to watch in June from the lines of Adam Wainwright, David Freese, and Tyler Greene.

Meanwhile: You might be interested to know that Nathan Grimm was recruited by Alex Fritz specifically so he could devote less of his time to writing our baseball column and more of his time to making costume dramas with Lego men. This week in Legopiece Theater: Dugout Abbey, Albert and Dee Dee Pujols are visited by a specter while thinking about Lance Berkman (and their own mortality.)

Also, we wrote up a Zapruder-y tweet of the short-shorted man to your left. Meanwhile, Ballpark Village is back, and it's very tiny. (Unfortunately that's not a link to a Legopiece Theater, though I hope that gives Fritz an idea.)


Some interesting stuff in the last week or so. We can hope it isn't necessarily a complete look back at his career, but I liked elidajuiceman's "Lance Berkman: A Ballplayer Through and Through" a lot. And I've seen a lot of brackets, but tmcclure's Age-Bracket Bracket—presently pitting a team of 22-year-olds against a team of 26-year-olds—is new to me. (In a similar slicing-up-baseball-in-strange-ways fanpost, avs18fan finds American League analogs to NL teams.)

Elsewhere, Cards Fan in Chitown checks on the Cardinals statistically as we approach the quarter-season mark; stlfan checks up on his own preseason predictions; and new poster cardinalcorsair takes an unwavering look at his own Albert Pujols schadenfreude, which could be on the rise now that Pujols appears to be hitting again.

If you have some time you really need to waste, I am proud to state that you could do worse than to click on some of these links.

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