a fink's 2012 First-Half Predictions Contest! With Prizes!

It's back, folks! Now is your chance to win! Answer the following 11 questions in the comments section. First and Second place will win fabulous prizes from my mother's basement! There is also a prize for the entry that does worst! Everybody* wins! I'll accept entries until first pitch on April 4.

*Everybody refers to 3 people!

First place has a choice of A or B. Second place gets the set not chosen by the winner.

Set A) A fun bunch of cards that are sure to make you happy: In honor of his reappearance in spring training, I'll start with SEVEN different Ozzie cards! Also included: a Whitey Herzog card, a couple of Willie McGees, a Vince Coleman, a Joaquin Andujar, a John Tudor, a Jack Clark All-Star,and a Stan Musial "turn back the clock /25 years later" 1963 replica. If you have mid/late 80's or early 90's requests, I'll try to help you out with a couple more.



Set B) A group that's fun in a whole different way: It's a collection of Cardinal mustaches of the 80's: Ken Hill, Danny Cox, Ted Power, Denny Walling, David Green, Luis Alicea, John Morris (whose mustache is almost as thick as Derek Holland's!) Ivan DeJesus, Tony Pena, Jose DeLeon's mock-Hitler, Bill Campbell, & Alex Cole.



Last place gets a surprise set of baseball cards that are not related to last year's booby prize of Al and Ricky.

All prizes will be mailed out at the all-star break.

Please answer below with one answer per line, and just the letters when possible.


1. This team will be leading the NL Central at the break (if there's a tie, both teams will be considered correct).

A) The Cardinals

B) The Brewers

C) The Reds

D) The Pirates

E) The Astros


2. The Cardinals' winning percentage at the break will be:

A) below .500

B) .500-.539




F) .660-infinity


3.The player on the Cardinals who will have the most home-runs at the break will be:

A) Matt Holliday

B) Lance Berkman

C) Carlos Beltran

D) David Freese

E) Allen Craig

F) Someone else


4. David Freese's OPS at the break will be:

A) below .700

B) .700-.750

C) .751-.800

D) .800-.850

E) .851-.900

F) .901-.950

G) Higher than .950


5. Tyler Greene will have this many steals at the break:

A) less than 7

B) 7-14

C) 15-21

D) 22-29

E) More than 29(!)


6. The leader in ERA at the break will be:

A) Adam Wainwright

B) Jaime Garcia

C) Kyle Lohse

D) Lance Lynn

E) Jake Westbrook


7. Carlos Beltran will have at least 10 HR's and 8 SB's at the break.

A) True

B) False


8. Tyler Greene will have firmly entrenched himself as our starting 2nd baseman by the break (I am the sole arbiter here)

A) True

B) False


9. Jason Motte's ERA will be

A) Under 1.75

B) 1.75-2.24

C) 2.25-2.74

D) 2.75-3.24

E) 3.25-3.74

F) 3.75-4.24

G) over 4.24


10. Rank the following 4 in terms of their fWAR at the the break:

rank from MOST to LEAST

Beltran, Berkman, Holliday, Yadi


11. Rank 4 of the following 6 (so skip two!) in terms of their fWAR at the break:

rank from MOST to LEAST

Craig, Descalso, Greene, Jay, Furcal, Freese


Tie-Break only:

Adam Wainwright will have this many wins at the break ____

Good luck, and thanks for playing!

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