Chrome Extension: Make comment threads collapsible!

Quick backstory: So, as none of you probably know, brackenthebox (Bracken) and myself (Michael) work together at a start-up that creates a small business CRM tool. The two of us, along with Bracken's brother Tyler, make up our little team here at (shameless plug coming) Less Annoying CRM. The company is doing well, thanks for asking.

At some point along the way, it was decided that a fun side project would be seeing if we could make a Chrome extension to finally support collapsible comments on SB Nation. This fell mostly on Tyler (who, by the way, is a St. Louis native and Wash U alum, but more of a Rams guy), who does most of our development work.

So...we did.

Click here to read about and install the thing.

Read after the jump for some details.

A few things to mention:

  1. This is a "first draft" of sorts, and we've tested it a bunch, but if you find anything that's not working right or any strange quirks, please let us know. You can post in the comments here, if you'd like, or you can tweet at me (@mojowo11), Tyler (@TylerMKing), and/or Bracken (@brackenthebox).

  2. Speaking of strange quirks -- if you collapse a comment while focused on it and then press the C button to skip around, you might get catapulted to the top of the page. There are some nuances there we still need to work out, but we feel like this thing is good enough to deploy to you fine folks, since it mostly works just fine. If you're able to narrow down any weirdness, see #1 on how to reach us.

  3. The keyboard shortcuts to skip around in a thread should ignore any new (yellow) comments in a collapsed thread. Once you expand that thread, the keyboard shortcuts will resume scrolling through those comments. If you close the page and return to it, it should remember which comment threads you had collapsed, assuming you're using the same browser. Neat, huh?

  4. Yes, this is only for Chrome. Like I said, it's a side-project, it's free, and all of us here at LACRM like Chrome the bestest. So if you were looking for a compelling reason to switch over from another browser, here ya go.

Here's the link again.

If you like the functionality, help us out by giving the extension a positive rating/review on the Chrome Web Store. If you REALLY like it, then give it a review on the Chrome Web Store and stop using the CDGAF and VALDES memes. Seriously. I hate those.

Any questions, you know how to reach us. Enjoy!

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