Some September/October highlights to tide you over until April 4

I recently came across a link to a 2011 game 159 overflow thread here on VEB, and in that thread was a link to video of Rafael Furcal's HR to eventually win that game. That started me down a trail to various other links to video of Cardinals' September/October highlights, and I figured it would be good to share that document of the wildly implausible fantastitude of last fall with VEB. I'm sure I've missed some good postseason highlights, so please feel free to include them in the comments!

Crazy ninth inning culminating in wild pitch win against the Cubs in game 158

Furcal 8th inning HR to win the next day (complete with Happy Flight chant!)

Carp wins game 162 then Cards celebrate Braves loss that gives them the wild card

Freese has 4 RBIs in NLDS game 4

Carp beats Halladay to win the NLDS

Pujols has 5 RBIs in NLCS game 2

Cards win the NL pennant

Cruz misses Craig's line drive, allowing eventual WS game 1 winning run to score

Pujols sets or ties multiple WS records in game 3

Yadi also chips in 4 RBIs with a couple of doubles and a sac fly

Holliday with an awesome outfield assist in that same game (I don't know why we don't hear more about how great that throw was)

Craig get the Cards within two with an 8th inning HR in WS game 6 (courtesy of I-Musial-ly-Am)

Freese ties WS game 6 in the ninth inning

Berk ties WS game 6 in the tenth inning

Freese walkoff HR ends the best WS game in the history of the universe

Presumably the last Yadi-to-Albert pick-off play we'll see

Freese picks up where he left off in the first inning of WS game 7, setting a new postseason RBI record

Craig scores the eventual WS-winning run on a HR...

...then robs Cruz of a HR a few innings later

I think you know what this one is - come get some, baby!!

Highlights That Are Tangentially Related/Unrelated to the Cards

Marlins' Omar Infante walkoff HR to beat the Braves (courtesy of TBender)

Evan Longoria’s 12th inning walkoff HR to put Tampa into the playoffs and eliminate the Red Sox

Longoria's earlier HR to get them within a run in the 8th, as well as Dan Johnson’s 2-out, 2-strike HR to tie it in the bottom of the 9th (courtesy of TBender)

Boston sports writer Dan Shaughnessy tempts the GOBs and pays the ultimate (highly amusing) price

"Hold On" by Tom Waits (just because it's Tom Waits - isn't that enough?)

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