Cardinals' Tiers of Trade Pieces - What would it take to get Giancarlo Stanton (or the like):

So I was talking baseball this morning with my father got me thinking about who might the Cardinals be willing to trade. I'll include every player that I have predicted stats for for next year (39) plus a few others (who I have not yet predicted). Here are my tiers (* means not on the 40-man roster):

Tier 1A
Fan Favorite - Beyond "untouchable," because of the allegiance to the fans, the player would have to ask to be traded publicly before considering - "not gonna happen":
Yadier Molina

Tier 1B Untouchable - I would have to be blown away in both my initial reaction and after looking at projections going forward:
Chris Carpenter Matt Holliday Adam Wainwright

Tier 2 Nearly Untouchable - I would have to see a significant player coming back in return to consider this:
Allen Craig Jon Jay Lance Lynn Carlos Martinez* (I do not have my projections for him done) Shelby Miller Trevor Rosenthal Oscar Taveras* Michael Wacha* Kolten Wong*

Tier 3 Protected - I would only consider trading these players for the right pieces, otherwise I would prefer to keep them:
Carlos Beltran Matt Carpenter David Freese Jaime Garcia Jason Motte

Tier 4 Go ahead and ask - I would be more willing to give these up than the protected players listed above:
Mitchell Boggs Randy Choate Daniel Descalso Rafael Furcal Joe Kelly Edward Mujica Fernando Salas

Tier 5 These guys mean more to us than they will to you, so take that for what it's worth:
Maikel Cleto Tony Cruz

Tier 6 We could actually get some value for these guys, so buyer beware:
Matt Adams Marc Rzepczynski Jake Westbrook

Tier 7 There is a 90% chance or higher that these guys will play for us at some point this year if you don't want them:
Barrett Browning Adron Chambers Sam Freeman Ryan Jackson Pete Kozma Shane Robinson Eduardo Sanchez

Tier 8 We are intent on trading them, what's your best offer?:
Skip Schumaker

Tier 9 Others who are available but not on the 40 man roster:
Mark Hamilton* Tyler Lyons* Jess Todd*

Tier 10 On the 40-man roster, but I don't have them figured up yet for next year:
Michael Blazek Keith Butler Eric Fornataro Kevin Siegrist Victor Marte Jorge Rondon

Minors Prospects Tier Not figured up for next year, but not on the 40-man roster (basically others in the top 15 prospects on Fangraphs or top 20 on
Steve Bean* John Gast* Scott Gorgen* Tyrell Jenkins* Carson Kelly* CJ McElroy* Stephen Piscotty* James Ramsey* Robert Stock* Jordan Swagerty* Charlie Tilson* Patrick Wisdom*

I don't think that anybody else is exactly worth mentioning. They would be in the "others in the minors" Tier.
Any thoughts?

Onto the trade proposal: I think for Giancarlo Stanton, I would give up Beltran, one pitcher AND one hitter from Tiers 4-7, Schumaker (if they want him), and any two players below that. What do you all think?

(Please allow this to morph into a post regarding any other trade avenue that you would like to go down. Mods, if there's a better spot for this, please adjust accordingly.)

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