Jaime Garcia has been SCREWED


Seemed to me that Jaime Garcia had been SCREWED out of more wins than anyone, so I decided to go through his games this year to check:

  • Starts = 14
  • Wins = 6, so we can ignore those
  • Losses = 2, one where he was awful against Colorado, and one where he was OK but Cards got Norrised.
  • No decisions = 6, and this is where the rubber hits the road.
  • April 9th, against SF -- Jaime pitches 6 beautiful innings - 1 run, 9 K -- Ryan Franklin implodes in 9th, giving up lead.

    April 26th, against HOU -- Jaime runs into trouble in 6th but still leaves with a 3-2 lead, though the bases are loaded. Enter Miguel Batista, exit the lead, after a 2 run single to 1st batter he faces.

    May 1st, against ATL -- Jaime leaves with a slim lead, which promptly disappears on an Albert Pujols error. Hard to blame bullpen for this one (though Franklin did lose it in 9th inning after a Theriot error, but that is a topic for another day!).

    May 17th, against PHI -- Jaime gives up tying run in 8th after a Tyler Greene error

    May 22nd, against KC -- this is a bad one. Jaime leaves in 6th inning, ahead 7-3 with a win expectancy of 91%. Enter Batista, who gives up double and homer. Tallet gives up homer in 7th and it is 7-6, then Sanchez finishes off the blown save by allowing another run to score in 7th inning. This game is almost dead ringer for last night's debacle, except Batista got pulled before he could do all the damage himself.

    June 14th, against WSH -- fresh in eveyone's minds, Batista was the star in this blown saves, with 1st assist to Trevor (why walk someone when I can just hit them) Miller and 2nd assist to Jason Motte.


    After doing the analysis, the main culprits are:

    1. Miguel Batista --- single-handedly once, and playing a major role twice more
    2. Ryan Franklin --- one noteworthy cough-up
    3. defense -- key errors by Greene and Pujols (though not Theriot, how odd

    In conclusion ... Jaime really should be 9-2, and could be 12-2. In which case he is definite All-Star and possible Cy Young candidate.

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