Kyle McClellan and some Cardinals-related housekeeping

I'm not sure whether Kyle McClellan deserves to be on pace for a 22-4 season, but I'm not going to complain about the season he's had so far to get there. McClellan's average Game Score is hovering above 50, but Thursday's start was only his third that would get the DIPS seal of approval. His ERA's steady around a run under his FIP, and I don't expect that to continue, one way or another, but there's something weirdly reassuring about how limited he seems to be as a starter. I don't expect him to win 20 games, but he seems too defined by what he can't do—strike people out—to slide toward disaster when his BAbip finally normalizes. 

Don't mind me—I'm just repeating the same things I told myself about Braden Looper

Saturday's the date both of the presumptive end of the world and my 14-hour flight to Japan for a month of dutiful mameshiba scouting, so things on the blog will have to be a little light today. It sounds like the perfect time to renew our periodic wandering through the Cardinals work on SB Nation outside of this front page. 

SB Nation St. Louis

I can't link to Alex Fritz's newest article, which is about explaining the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals to someone who's just awoken from a year-long coma, because it's set to go online three hours after this entry does. But you can and should click here to see that post as well as his last one, which offers some tentative odds on Albert Pujols's future as well as a photograph of Brian Tallet

Meanwhile, on the blog, Sports of St. Louis, we've discussed Albert Pujols and the apocalypseBrandon Phillips's sudden decision to go babyface on his Twitter ahead of the latest set of Cardinals-Reds games by attending a Twitter follower's little-league game just because he's such a nice guy, and why the Jim Hendry hug means Albert Pujols will absolutely join the Chicago Cubs

Viva El Birdos

Fanposts! It should not come as a shock to me every year that people get back to writing awesome fanposts when the season starts, but they do and it does. Among the recent fanposts is a return to Albert Pujols's aging patterns from tarakas, who studied the issue last year; zoomzoom self-reported a zoomzoom'd moment when he predicted Ramon Hernandez's home run; Cards Fan in Chitown took a comprehensive look at the divisions; and it was a while ago but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this exclusive look at the 2015 Cardinals

Robot writer/moderator azruavatar has also begun a strangely human-centric guide to St. Louis, which I am very excited about, so natives are advised to write about their favorite foods and charging-points. 

In conclusion, fanposts are awesome and you should write them; if you don't write them you should read them, ideally with this handy link, which it took me literally two years of writing here to discover, that turns the fanposts into a kind of improvised Viva El Birdos 2. 

Shameless Self-Promotion

I've started writing three times a week at the Riverfront Times's A to Z music blog, despite not knowing anything about music. You can find my posts—including one today about a truly off-putting Party Jam—at this address. While I'm mentioning writing gigs I got by being friends with much more successful students at the greatest journalism school in the universe I should note that I continue to write weekly about St. Louis sports at SLM Daily

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