I Think This is "The One"....  :=8)

Bianca La Russa??  Seriously, I really do.  Why?  Well here is the MooCow reasoning. 

Firstly: Ms. Bianca brings the DNA smarts of TLR to bear, with all guns blazing, in addition to being easy on the cow eyes. 

Secondly:  As you can clearly see from this picture, and can easily surmise from her TLR family, she is animal-oriented, and the whole herd appreciates a lady with room in her heart for the fuzzy critters of this world.

Nextly: She's a CHEERLEADER, which is hot enough, but not only a run-of-the-mill NFL cheerleader but a RAIDERETTE!!!!!  And ever since the MooCow was a knee-high to the ground calf, running amok around the eastern seaboard of this great united States of America, he has been a die-hard, died-in-the-wool, di-spicable RAIDERS fan.  The OG bad boys of the Pigskin pasture, the Fonzi to everyone else's Richies, the Sex Pistols to everyone else's Beach Boys, the Cartman to everyone else's Butters.  They played hard, they partied hard, they cheated,  they injured and intimidated players, and they did it all with a middle finger proudly aloft.  Oh yes, the MooCow is all about that.

Nextly Nextly: Cardinal ties.  For inasmuch as this cow loves Da Raidahs, he also has been in a life-long love affair with the glorious Red birds of St. Louis - and for exactly the OPPOSITE reasons of why he loved the Silver and Black.  Character, pride, solid roster of exceptional players, tradition of winning, and doing things the 'right way'.  if the Raiders were the dastardly devil on this cow's left shoulder through life, then the much-respected Cardinals were the angel on his right shoulder, keeping him on the path of righteousness.  They are, and have always been, this cow's Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, Darkness and Light, my Lady Macbeth and Agent Dana Scully.

Lastly: C'mon, she's a cutie!!!  :=8D

I know such a match would confound the heavens and set the universe reeling in affrontage, so it can never, ever be.  And so I am cowtent to gaze admire from afar, my furry tail a'twitchin', while keeping my admiration for Ms. Bianca buried down deep in the recesses of the secret bottom of my heart of hearts.

Unless, of course, she ends up on the Broncos; then I'd have to dump her faster than a pie after twelve bales of hay.

Just thought I'd share.


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