Just a Thank You


So I joined this site about 6 months ago and I must say, of all the teams I follow on SB NATION, this is by far the most entertaining and comical.  Whoever it was that posted the line regarding Carpenter and Brenday Ryan with a parody of "A Few Good Men" was absolutely hysterical.  Even the captions and comments on just normal fanposts/fanshots have me cracking up at my desk at work. 

But aside from that, there is also a good portion of legit baseball analysis and a while back someone posted a motion screenshot of El Hombre's Swing and a great description of what he's actually doing for those who never played organized baseball before or know any of the mechanics that go into a proper swing. 

I'm sure the history of the Cardinals is a big reason why we have such a large fan base on this site, but its refreshing to see this many fans interacting daily. 

Just to throw my two cents in regardng this upcoming season...

I believe Rasmus will have a good year as he's still very young and developing quite nicely.  IF Berkman can stay healthy and hit at least 280 I think we'd all be more than happy with that considering he is capable of walking often.  And hopefully Holliday can add a littler on his average from last year and produce similiar power numbers with a 28 and 110 total. 

Freese is the wild card as he needs to stay healthy obviously, but I think when he is healthy this lineup is really underrated.  Schumaker needs a serious bounce back year and i'm glad he realizes it bc he would have to be def and blind not to.  Theriot isn't much of a total upgrade but his bat potential is def greated than Boog's so of that I'm happy and as for Albert, I just want the same Albert we've been used to and hopefully back to his 330 avg as opposed to 310...(p.s I know its spring training but this slow start isn't encouraging).  Yadi can hit 150 and I'd still love him for what he does, but a 270 would be more appreciated and more likely. 


Carp, Jaime, and Westbrook need to hold down our 1 2 and 3 with Loshe playing for his next contract starting this year so I expect more out of him and Mac Daddy McClellan will hold down our 5th spot but we will miss him in the pen.  My main concern is to see how Motte, Franklin, Miller, and Salas will hold up now that Reyes is gone and i'm not sold on Batista.  Also, we need to get Shelby Miller up to speed ASAP as Carp has maybe 2 years left in him, but the future rotation of Wainwright, Garcia, and Miller sure does look promising.


So, here's to another NL Central title, and hopefully add to our list of 2nd most World Series Titles!

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