Cardinals 2011 Musical Free Association Mix by DJ CFIC

1. Autechre - pce freeze 2.8i (electronic)

2. All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors - Catcher (alt-pop/shoegaze)

3. Clutch - Sinkemlow (hard rock)

4. Failure - Moth (90's alternative rock)

5. Matt Elliott - Broken Bones (dirge/singer-songwriter)

6. Dysrhythmia - Running Shoe of Justice (tech-metal)

7. Faceditch - Space Flight Cat (jazz fusion)

8. Tortoise - Minors (post-rock/fusion)

9. Tipsy - Zombies Mood (electronic/collage)

10. Belong - October Language (experimental/ambient)

11. Karp - Octoberfleshed (sludge rock)

12. The Nels Cline Singers - Squirrel of God (jazz/indie)

13. Estradasphere - Elderly Normal Samurai Tortoises (fusion/video game)

14. Sun Ra and the Blues Project - Flight of the Batman (jazz)

15. Iron Maiden - The Talisman (classic heavy metal) 


By the process of free association, using themes and key words from the 2011 Cardinals baseball season, I have assembled a mix of songs from my extensive music collection. Some songs are more directly related than others, such as song titles like (links are just to the wikipedia of each band and are popups, if anyone is following along closely with the mix):

 4. "Moth" - this song even talks about a moth growing inside... 

 5. "Broken Bones" the ever-depressing but highly skilled Matt Elliott perfectly captures the limitations and frustrations of broken bones, injuries, etc. with this aptly titled track 

 6. "Running Shoe of Justice" haha, I found this song in my collection when searching for the word Justice. it couldn't be any more funny for this mix (unless maybe it said Running Shoe of Chief Justice) 

 8. "Minors" I included this song by the band Tortoise since I didn't have anything else Torty related, and the song title refers to the great contributions of the Cardinals younger players and the minor league system 

 9. "Zombies Mood" soundscape expressing the point of the season where I thought the Cardinals were done in late August, but then they came back... 

 11. "Octoberfleshed" the band's name is Karp, and Carp is Octoberfleshed, and rules 

 12. "Squirrel of God" only song I could find about a squirrel in my collection, but it seems to me a good theme song for Rally Squirrel 

 14. "Flight of the Batman" in the context of this mix, an ode to happy flights and David Freese

 15. "The Talisman" an ode to TLR and the talisman


  Other songs I picked were just more loosely related to baseball and some 2011 themes here at VEB: 

 1. "pce freeze 2.8i

 2. "Catcher" Yadi! 

 3. "Sinkemlow" this song is called Sink Em Low which ties in nicely with the Cardinals pitching style, and the bands name is Clutch, so it seems to be baseball related to me 

 7. "Space Flight Cat" included this one just because it is a fun song and contained the word Flight. band is so obscure they don't really have any www info. link goes to their album on 

 10. "October Language" included this because it's a very pretty soundscape, and the Cardinals seemed density'd, I mean destined for October 

 13. "Elderly Normal Samurai Tortoises" seems fitting, somehow. plus it sounds like an old Nintendo game performed by one of the most musically talented bands I've ever had the pleasure of seeing live 

link to

 p.s. if anyone wants to hear a song called "Shingles"

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