7 Baseball Sites As Written by VEB'ers

So, as always, I woke up today, walked over to my desk and turned my computer on. I started my usual journey of internet scouring, trying to find something to break the monotony of the week.

And the first thing I glanced upon was Twitter. LaRussa had just tweeted something... rather disturbing. Yeah, I know, I couldn't believe it either:


Original Site:!/TonyLaRussa

I assumed I was still drowzy from the little sleep I got, so decided to carry on and check out the beloved P-D. I stumled upon this unread article from earlier this month. Seems like Brendan was traded for annoying fellow players. I just never thought Holliday would be so blatant about it:


Original story: Here

I went over to the Cardinals Home Page and see if I could fint that story somewhere else. So, I looked up any article that included swear words, and came upon this:


Original Story: Here

When I am done venturing the Cardinals Home Page, I tend to go over to So, naturally, I did that and was suprised to see this on the home page:


Original: Today's homepage

I went ahead and clicked on the "$$$" team, below the AL East Division to see what the Yankees were up to. And then, I was amazed at the following story: (BTW, if I mock Latinos, it's not racist. It's the one thing we can do, besides mow your lawn and raise your kids: Mock ourselves)





Original: Here

I went over here to VEB to read today's post and share some of the amazing articles and tweets I had found. However, I was distracted by this completely agreeable and reasonable fanpost. Never has DanUp made so much sense:


Original: Today's Home Page.

I had an assignment for a University class so I had to log on to CNN and read an article. Instead, I found what might be the greates book ever... (So I decided to make my first mysterui's mom joke. I realize it's a bit uncalled for. But, I guess "when you're in Rome..." Also, apologies on the typos)


Original: Today's CNN Home Page

I realized this was an odd day, as if it was written by Viva El Birdos regulars, and it was probably never going to repeat itself. So I took a picture of each and every one of the articles I read and decided to share with you. I am sure you will be as apalled as I am.

(NOTE: This was actually made with a firefox add-on I recently learned how to use. I guess I decided to have a little fun with it and create this fanpost. If you want to try it, and freak the hell out of people you know, it is called firebug and it's very simple and easy to use. I hope I made you laugh with this, because I certainly had fun doing it.)


EDIT: The third paragraph in the Cashman article was modified. I don't know how that slipped by me.

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