Brandon Inge

Couple of reports are indicating that the Cards and the Braves were the teams most interested in acquiring Brandon Inge and that now that the Braves have acquired Lee that they are no longer a suitor. 

Inge seems to be the best fit for what looks to be probably available - very good defensive 3B and has a decent bat.  Hurt this year and having a down year but he hit 27 HR last year so maybe he will get hot down the stretch.  He also has a decent contract that ends this year and that has to be appealing to the Cards.

Couple of questions:  As I understand the waiver process he would have to clear waivers for all American league teams and then have to clear waivers for all national league teams with worse records than the Cards? 

Are there teams in the American league that need a 3B for the stretch drive?  What national league teams with worse records than the Cards might take him?

I would think that the Cards have a couple of things working in their favor:  he is a free agent after the year so a rebuildiing team should not be interested and the Cards recent loosing streak puts them ahead of seveal of the contending National league teams.  On paper it looks like a match but I do not know the needs of the American league contending teams and that may be where the problem lies.

This from 
"Reports are circulating that the Cardinals, in particular, have interest in acquiring Inge. And there have been rumblings that the Tigers intend to put him on waivers to facilitate any possible trade by baseball's Aug. 31 deadline. Putting players on waivers at this time of year is basically standard operating procedure, as teams prepare for any trade possibility. But with several contenders intrigued by Inge, and the Tigers' need to determine if players such as Jhonny Peralta and Danny Worth should be a part of next year's team, this probably isn't just a formality".

From The Detroit News After the Lee Trade:

"The trade means the Braves probably no longer have any interest in Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge, another free agent-to-be who, reportedly, is about to hit waivers this week (if he hasn't already). Now the Cardinals seem like the best and potentially only customer for Inge. Their current third baseman is Felipe Lopez, who plays great defense except for the throwing and catching part". I do not know how everyone else feels about Inge, but at this point he would seem like the best possible acquisition.  The other question is what would you be willing to give up.  The entire world knows how much the cards need a 3B so I would imagine that they are going to ask for a lot.  My guess is that it might be Alan Craig but I have no idea what the Tigers might be needing?  Anyone got an idea on what the Tigers might want?
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