Boxscore Seats


I am a 47 year old, lifetime Cardinal fan, lifetime New Yorker, new to VEB and computer virgin. Not having direct access

to the Cards I am a boxscore junkie. The morning after all games I would drive an extra 2 miles to get a late addition newspaper to ensure any and all late boxscores would be in the paper. This meant going into the Bronx , just to give an idea of the meaning of how important these are to me. I would read the boxscore and try to analyze  what went right or 

wrong; trying to figure out how the game was won or lost. I developed a unique way of seeing things and would like to 

bounce it off the VEB community and receive feedback on the accuracy of how I perceived the game.

Cards 13 Boston 8

GOOD - 20 hits;  especially the bottom of the order production: Skip with 4 hits ( imagine a true leadoff hitter setting the

the table for Albert ): 7 runs to seal it in the 8th: the job done by the relievers ;esp. no walks: the defense not giving anything extra - no errors,wild pitches, passed balls or stolen bases against.

BAD -  Brad Penny against Bostons 2nd ( 3rd? ) string ,giving multiple runs in 3 different innings. 14 men LOB this

drives me crazy ( not a far ride by any stretch of the imagination ).

Cards 6 Houston 4

GOOD - Ludwick 2 doubles ( we need him to hit ) Freese HR, Garcia  whole pitching line a thing of beauty and promise; any time we hit Wandy it is a good thing; the D no E, PB,WP or stolen bases against ( Yadi is this generations Ozzie ) 

BAD - Looks like Lohse was hit pretty hard Ps-6 ex base hits. I dont like Carlos Lee going 3 for 3 or Yadi getting HBP

( he takes enough beating behind the plate ). Also 9 Ks - too many unproductive outs. 

BOTH GAMES OVERVIEW - Any time you can win 2 games without Albert in the line-up it's a good thing. All the releif

pitchers performed well. Is it me or do the Cardinals have an annoying habit of putting up a great 1st inning and then

disappearing the rest of the game?

 HYPOTHETIC QUESTION - If Albert played on '85 team and batted 3rd behind Vince and Willie how many RBIs

would he have gotten ?

P.S. Sorry about the way the post is laid out; I don't know why this happens - ref. to opening line- computer virgin.

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