A message for Bryan Burwell

In advance, I apologize to the moderators of the board.  Hopefully they will let this polite rant slide...

Normally, I'm content to read these boards and talk strictly about Cardinals baseball.  But I find myself repeatedly frustrated by the ramblings of a certain reporter for the P-D.  I am referring to everyone's favorite journalist, Mr. Bryan Burwell.  I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  And I respect Mr. Burwell's right to express his thoughts.  If the Post Dispatch is willing to keep paying his salary, they must have some positive feedback from their readership.  And yet...

We get pieces like this one.  "Question Looms Over Tranqility of Cardinals Camp".  Really Mr. Burwell?  With all of the possible stories about to begin percolating out of Jupiter, what does he choose to write about?  Mark McGuire.  There are so many things he and his colleagues could be examining.  Here are a small handfull:

- Schumaker's continued transition to 2B and new contract
- David Freese as the lead suitor for 3B
- The competitors for the 5th rotation spot
- Lohse's return from a subpar season
- Penny's adapting to a new team, as a longtime Cardinal fan and Oklahoma native
- Young bucks like Craig, Henley, Jay, Mather, and others sparring for that last roster spot
- How is Carpenter feeling
- How is Albert recovering from that elbow surgery
- Will Larue be sporting his awesome porn-stache
- What kind of path to recovery will Ryan be making
- Will Rich Hill make a splash in the majors, minors or both this year
- What version of Ludwick will show up this year
- What has Colby done in the offseason to adjust to his sophomore season
- What is the most probable opening day lineup
- Who might surprise in camp this season
- Who among Hawkesworth, McClellan, Boggs, etc. will be starting
- Heck, we could even talk about the differences between McGuire and McRae's hitting philosophies

But NOOOOOOO.  The "tranqility of Cards camp" is going to be interrupted by the arrival of a non-player, who has (for better or worse) apologized for his transgressions.  Look, I'm not a McGuire apologist.  I think most will acknowledge that his actions were wrong.  McGuire acknowledges his actions are wrong.  But what absolutely steams me is that the people who keep this story going most are not the fans.  They are members of the press corps.  Burwell is with his story contributing towards the conditions he promises will emerge. 

Maybe there will be a media circus in Jupiter.  Maybe ESPN and all the networks will all line up to bother McGuire every morning about why he didn't apologize enough, whether he was entirely honest, whether he was sincere enough, etc.  But the fact is this story should now be 100% dead.  If reporters like Bernie, Strauss, Gordo, Burwell and others at the P-D could just turn the page, maybe we could get back to the fun aspects of Spring Training. 

Bottom Line, I do not want the next 6-8 weeks of ST awesomeness ruined by people that keep throwing that steroid / PED wet-blanket on us.  I want to read about my team smoothing out the rough edges on the field and preparing for the season.  NOT about the decisions a non-player made ten years ago.

Finally, I would encourage those who care to send Burwell a message to go ahead and do so.  His email is  Maybe you like Bryan's style of reporting.  Normally I don't care.  But... ENOUGH ALREADY.  Lets start looking at baseball, shall we?

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