A look back at 2010, Cardinals style

2010 was a year of the good, the bad, and the ugly for our favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals. It started on April 6 in Cincinnati, an 11-6 win, in which Albert Pujols smacked two homers and Yadier Molina hit a grand salami. It ended nearly six months later on October 3, a 6-1 win over the Rockies at home.

Some of the favorite, more memorable, and bizarre Cardinals moments from the 2010 season...

April 6: The beginning. The 2010 season began with a bang, or rather two, from the bat of Albert Pujols. Pujols hit a dinger off of Reds' opening day starter Aaron Harang to give the Cardinals a 1-0 lead, en route to a 4 for 5 day with two homers.

April 12: Waino & Albert win the home opener for the Birds. Busch Stadium began the year rocking out with a 5-0 win behind Adam Wainwright & Albert. Waino pitched 8 shutout innings, striking out 7. Number 5 hit a homer, and the Cards left the day with a 5-2 record.

April 17: The game that saw Felipe Lopez and Joey Bombs pitch. The game lasted 20 innings, and saw a multitude of surprises, disappointments, and multiple VEB overflow threads. No runs were scored until the 19th inning in the Cardinals' 2-1 loss to the Mets, with the Mets scoring in the top of the 20th. Had you not looked at the box score, you may have never remembered that Johan Santana and Jaime Garcia started the game and both pitched 7 innings of shutout ball. (It's even featured on's "10 for 10", talking about the 10 most memorable games from this past season.)

July 4: Waino pitches a CG. Yours truly was lucky enough to be there that day, having bought a Waino shersey the day before. It seemed to have good karma, since he did pretty much everything. Other than giving up a solo shot to Corey Hart, Waino pitched a solid game and helped his own cause with a 3-run double

July 18: Matt Holliday gets the [stuffing] punched out of him, part I. I remember watching this game and thinking, in the 7th inning, that the Cards were done. I remember that my dad and I went somewhere, to the store I think, after the 8th, and we were shocked to see that the Cards came back from being down two. Even more so, that Holliday did it

July 30: Luddy's final game. In a sense of irony, Ryan Ludwick's last act as a St. Louis Cardinal was scoring the winning run in a 1-0 win over Pittsburgh. And, in another sense of irony, Boog hit the game-winning single. Oh, how we miss you.

August 4: The beginning of the Westbrook era. JW pitched six strong in his debut, but it wasn't enough as the Cards fell to the Astros 9-4. That was all the fault of Jason Motte and Mike MacDougal.

September 16: Luddy's return. Ryan Ludwick tipped his cap to the Cardinals fans as he received a standing ovation, and even his walkup song, the Beastie Boys' "Brass Monkey" played in the background. (The Cards won the game 4-0)

September 30: The last BOOOOOG goat. Brendan Ryan shows that he should have won a GG, or at least that he should still be a Cardinal.

October 2: Matt Holliday gets the [stuffing] punched out of him... again. Matt Holliday drives home everyone's favorite 3B Pedro Feliz to give the Cards a 1-0 victory after 11 innings.

October 3: The finale. Jeff Suppan started the game and pitched like it was the 2006 postseason all over again, a 6-inning, 5 hit, no run performance in a 6-1 win over Colorado. In a twist of irony, Matt Pagnozzi caught against the team he is now a member of.

Since the season ended, we've seen fan favorites Joe Mather and Brendan Ryan leave, Fat Elvis/Big Puma sign with us, and The Riot join the right side of the Cubs-Cards rivalry. It's been an unusually busy offseason for the Birdos, with a few disappointments, but it's getting me pumped for 2011. I'm wearing my Waino shersey today just for the hell of it. And hey, March isn't that far away, and neither is opening day.

Happy New Year, VEB!

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