Why the Cards will go +$100m soon.

I think the Cardinals could be headed for a significant increase in payroll, maybe only 10 million, maybe 20-30 million (less likely), but there a several reasons for my thinking this.  I do not write here very often anymore, and am not sure if someone has already done this or if it warrants a fanpost, but I think it might start some conversation.  If not, just say so and I will remove it.

Their has been talk lately around the baseball world about how the Cardinals will keep their 100 million dollar payroll, while paying Pujols and Holliday, 17+ and 17 million respectively over the next several years.  I don't think they will keep their payroll budget at $100m for a couple of reasons:

  • First of all, this is a good baseball town, and their has been a lot of fan support through the years, including last year, which wasn't completely expected due to the economy and all.
  • Mark McGwire- I don't think the only reason for signing him as hitting coach was because of his experience and ability to teach hitting, while both very good reasons, but I think it was also to get some publicity.  We are not anywhere near competing with the publicity the Yankees and Red Sox get every year, (let's face it, if we won the WS, the next day on Sportscenter would be more about the Yankees' offseason plans than our WS win) but we are trying to get some more, by creating a little drama and controversy.
  • Matt Holliday- Not only is Holliday a great hitter, but he will draw a lot of people to Busch Stadium to see the duo of Pujols and Holliday smashing opposing pitchers into the ground.  This was also a very public move, as he was the biggest free agent on the market, so everyone knows about it.  Maybe we'll get a few more nationally televised games if ESPN is noticing this. 
  • Finally, we have built a great team for under 100 million dollars year in and year out.  Especially this year.  Think of how much better we could be with another 10-20 million to spend.  That could get us another Carpenter, or another Holliday, or a few non-star, quality players.  I think we have had to be saving up plenty of money from those years of not too high payroll and high fanbase.  So with that and hopefully more team interest around the globe, we will be making more money this season, and if DeWitt is willing to go into some of that saved money, unless he's already spent it, I think we could easily afford to do that. 

Also, in past seasons where our payroll was near 100 million, we'd always here we'd have another 15 million to spend at the deadline if we found the right deal.  So if they could always afford to spend another 15 million then, why not now that we're getting more press coverage on a national level? 

I could be wrong, but I think the Cardinals are setting themselves up to reach past their usual $100m budget.


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