Hot! Hot! Hot! Stove Post: January 14th, 2010 (UPDATED 1/28/10)

Well, that Holliday thing is done finally, but not much else is going on.  A quick rundown:


  • The team still appears to have about $7M left in the coffers of the $100M projected payroll.  That's not really enough to sign another RH reliever, a 5th starter, and a backup corner infielder/RHH second baseman, but it's enough improve 2 of those 3 if the deals are negotiated accordingly.
  • Jose Valverde?  Rumor is that the Cardinals made him an offer, but apparently not one that he can't refuse.  Are we bumping up the price for someone else in the division (Cubs)?  Or is Mo serious about bringing him into the fold?  He's a Type A, so bye-bye 1st round draft pick if we do sign him.  UPDATE: Gone to the Tigers 2Y$14M + $9M Option.  In related news: The Tigers continue to overpay players.
  • Left handed bench bats are dropping like flies.  There's really only one LHH OF left on the market (Gabe Gross), with Chad Tracy and Russell Branyan being the corner infielders that are still available.  If the club is serious about signing one, they better get on it quick, although I think it would be ok to go with the young guys in this case rather then spending the whole wad of $7M on someone like Branyan, who won't play full time for the Cardinals.


All of the Links below lead to that player's FanGraphs page:

Remaining Relief Pitchers (of substance):
  1. Kiko Calero 
  2. Russ Springer 
  3. Octavio Dotel -- 1/29/10 - Signed with Pirates: 1Y$3.5M
  4. Jose Valverde -- 1/14/10 - Signed by the Tigers 2Y$14M + 3rd Year Option
  5. Chad Bradford

Remaining 5th Starters (of substance):

  1. John Smoltz
  2. Joel Piniero -- 1/28/10: Signed 2Y$16M with Anaheim Angels
  3. Jon Garland -- 1/28/10: Signed with Padres -- 1Y$4.6M w/$6.5M mutual option ($600,000 buyout)
  4. Ben Sheets -- 1/28/10: Signed with the Athletics -- 1Y$10M
  5. Jose Contreras -- 1/14/10: Cards have rumored interest
  6. Doug Davis -- 1/28/10: Signed with Brewers -- 1Y$5.25M
  7. Erik Bedard
  8. Braden Looper
  9. Jarrod Washburn
  10. Todd Wellemeyer -- KIDDING!!!

Remaining Bench Bats/Platoon Players:

  1. Russell Branyan
  2. Gabe Gross
  3. Endy Chavez
  4. Chad Tracy -- 1/28/10: minor league deal, Cubs: $900k making club + $450 k for 450+ PA's
  5. Reed Johnson
  6. Xavier Nady -- 1/28/10: 1Y$3.3M with Cubs
  7. Joe Crede 
  8. Miguel Tejada -- 1/28/10: 1Y$5M with Orioles
  9. Ronnie Belliard -- 1/28/10: 1Y$825,000 with Dodgers
  10. Felipe Lopez 
***UPDATE 1/28/10***
  • Cardinals sign Rich Hill to a minor league deal and make him a non-roster invitee to spring training.
  • Twitter feeds battle over whether the Cardinals are "done signing pitchers", hilarity ensues.

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