VEB Get Together Day, August 15th, Part Duex, Updated

The day Saturday August 15th is coming up quickly, I would like to give heads up on progress made but more so trying to figure out who is all going. Please post and say something if you plan on coming. Also, say where you are coming from if not STL to get idea of travel arrangements.



The best hotels will most likely be through name your own price service

I have had good luck bidding for hotels as low as $43 for the Crowne Plaza Downtown which came out to $56.99. Which is a good price for 2 people downtown. Now deals like these can change regurally so I reccomend checking out Bidding for Travel

It is forum that people post the best deals they find for hotels in STL. If you found a good deal on hotel please post it up. Plus, if you have a room and don't mind a VEBer crashing on the floor or air matress say something.



If you live in STL it is not a far drive but if you don't here is a couple different options.


Now something like Chicago will run you under $40 Round Trip. Now I know they do run deals for $1 each way but I don't know exactly know the details since I don't use it. More details from someone else would be great


Is a great for those living in Missouri but not in STL. They are currently running a promotion for 50% off for in state travel if you are going with a companion.

So coming from KC would cost $78 for 2 people

Car Pooling

If some of us live in neighboring areas it wouldn't be such a bad idea if we just ride together.



This is the most confusing part so far that I am looking for help from others on. I know I personally want to get an all inclusive seat especially if I already got a hotel. Now I tend to be rather frugal so I am still trying to find a good deal for tickets for August 15th. Looking for any and all input for August 15th.

Now for the August 16th game I also want to go to personally. Now this one should be cheaper to go to. I figure for who ever wants to go the game will most likely be already downtown in a hotel. With the Cardinals First Pitch promotion.

You can get 2 tickets for only $11 but they are a grab bag so you don't know what you are going to get. Still a great deal and I know people that have gotten club seats out of this promotion. I figure we all could get 2 tickets and just use the good ones.

August 15th is a 6:15PM Game vs SD
August 16th is a 1:15PM Game vs SD

Now their is also promotions through Phillips 66 if you get 10 gallons of gas you get a buy one get one free ticket. I might end up doing this and just spliting the cost with a fellow VEBer. It  would be nice next time someone gets gas get it at Phillips 66 and go inside than get the free coupon. It will help someone if you don't plan on going August 15th. This is the only promotion that works on the Weekends.


Meeting Up

Here is ideas for a couple places we can meet up before and after


Missouri Bar and Gril

701 N Tucker Blvd, St Louis, MO‎ -(314) 231-2234‎



1026 Spruce Street, St. Louis, MO


Paddy O'Reilly



618 S 7th St St Louis, MO 63102 





Al Hrabosky's Saloon


800 Cerre St St Louis, MO 63102





  I really just want to know how many people are coming and hear ideas about tickets. I think the Phillips 66 is the best deal for tickets. Also, If you have booked a hotel how much did you pay.

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