Week of Deadline Rumor Thread

We are now about a week away from the non-waiver trading deadline.  I thought it might be a good idea to make a hot-stove-like catch all thread to discuss trade ideas and rumors that come up in the next week.  This way there can still be discussion over the smaller rumors that don't really need a fanpost.

I will start things off by  discussing some things that I feel may help the team.




First I will go to a rumor that I really hope is not true:

Holliday for Wallace

I do not want to see this happen.  It is reported that the deal has a 50-50 shot at happening.  We could do enough without trading Wallace.  Especially for two months of Holliday, who is reportedly very interested in resigning with a Californian team in the offseason.  He would probably be a type A and net us an additional first round draft pick.  And DeRosa could also be type A if he finishes strong the rest of the season.  So that leaves us with a choice. 1-2 first round draft picks and keep Wallace or 2-3 first rounders and Holliday for two months.  I would rather have a near major-league ready first round pick for next year and future years plus at least a type B compensatory pick for DeRosa in addition to our 1st rounder.   Glaus might also net us something.  So there could be some picks coming our way.

But basically the decision is Wallace under control for at least 6 years or Holliday for 2 months.  I say no.

Here is the plan I think we should take in the coming week:

Inquire on Adam Dunn, if he does not come at the right price immediately, switch targets to Josh Willingham.  Willingham would be a most likely cheap option and an improvement over Ankiel.  The thing that concerns me with him is his low RBI total and BAw/RISP.  29 RBI's and a .194 BAw/RISP.  He has 13 HR's and a .297 BA.  He might fill well in the 2-hole.  Moving Rasmus into a position to steal more bases which I think is very important.

If Adam Dunn can be had without Wallace or Darryl Jones, I'd say to do that.  He'd be good protection for Pujols or good being protected by Pujols.

Some other options for offense:

If the Marlins become sellers, which I'm not sure is likely- Cody Ross or Jorge Cantu could be good options to improve our offense.  Both have double digit HR totals and are batting for decent average.

Freddy Sanchez- 6.1 million this year and an 8 million club option next year.  2.4 WAR.  +.300 hitter. Near .350 OBP and has 6 HR's and 34 RBI's.  Could be a versatile infielder for us.  Pirates likely to be willing to deal him.

Mark Teahen- Versatile defender, major improvement over Ankiel offensively.

If we aqcuire anyone to help on offense I could see any of these guys being likely targets.


Now, to replace the reason I can only watch 4 of every 5 Cards games; Todd Wellemeyer:

I'll start with the two that will likely not happen due to the cost:

Roy Halladay- I think we're about done with him.

Cliff Lee- The Indians would likely want too much than we have to offer due to his affordability and ability

More likely and cheaper options:

Doug Davis- he would be a nice addition to the back of our rotation.  Last I heard about him was that the D-Backs would ask too much for him, but that may change in the next week, we'll see what happens.

Carl Pavano- An affordable option from the Indians.  Has an ERA over 5 but a low FIP.  Might be a guy worth getting.  Definitely an improvement over Wellemeyer.

Zach Duke- I'm not sure if the Pirates would deal him to us or at all.  He is into his arbitrations years and is making 2.2 million dollars this season.  He has a low ERA at 3.38 and FIP 3.98.  He is the best pitcher for the Pirates now, but who knows who they will deal.  He's also left handed.  May be too expensive, I'm not sure.

Kevin Correia- The best option in my mind.  Probably pretty cheap.  4.34 ERA.  4.03 FIP.  Sounds like a good, cheap option who is a big improvement over Wellemeyer.

I think the best options for us are Josh Willingham and Kevin Correia.  They would kind of round off our team, completing the rotation, and helping out our ailing LF.  Both affordable and affective improvements.

Send down Stavinoha for Willingham, DFA Wellemeyer for Correia, and call up Craig for Thurston or 13th pitcher (a lot of off days the rest of the year), and I like how our roster looks.

When it's all said and done, I would like our roster to look as follows.

Rotation: Carpenter, Wainwright, Pineiro, Lohse, Correia

Bull Pen: Thompson, McClellan, Miller, Reyes, Motte, Kinney, Franklin

Catchers: Molina, LaRue

Infielders: Pujols, Schumaker, Ryan, DeRosa, Lugo, Craig

Outfielders: Willingham, Rasmus, Ludwick, Ankiel

25th spot: one of our DL guys (Glaus, Greene) or Wellemeyer or minor league pitcher (Walters, Todd, Mortenson, Hawksworth) 


And thats all I got.

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