Ghosty's Assessment of the Current 2009 Cardinals (Opinion)

Let's get serious here.  We've got strengths and weaknesses.  I would like to express my opinions on a lot of different things at this time.

Albert Pujols is awesome.  Hope we start contract discussions this Winter.

I am stoked that we decided not to trade away Colby Rasmus and/or Brett Wallace for Roy Halladay or Matt Holliday or the Christmas Holidays.

Speaking of Rasmus, he's our CF for years to come and I hope he wins Rookie of the Year for the NL considering I can't really think of anyone else worthy of it.  I dunno though there's probably a pitcher somewhere who deserves it.  Hey, did the All-Star team have any rookies?  I can't remember for the life of me.

Speaking of Wallace he's our 3B for years to come.  His defense is getting better.  Hope he's ready for 2010 although we have options if he isn't.

Mark DeRosa will come around.  He's not Khalil Greene.  He hit a slump and got injured immediately upon joining this team, but the trade cannot be called a bust yet.  If anything, he's made some slick defensive plays since joining.  And really, I'd rather he work out his kinks offensively and play 3B everyday instead of giving more time to Joe Thurston.

If Rick Ankiel's hurt then he's been hurt since September 2008.  The guy has meltdowns, we know this.  This just happens to be a season-long meltdown for him.  He's done, guys.  I'd say DL him and not bring him back until September.  Then use him for late-inning defense.  I wish him the best after this season but I hope we don't re-sign him.  Dunno who'd take him though.  Watch him become a Cub?

I'm sure it will come out that Chris Duncan is playing hurt too.  Today he was 0-3 with two strikeouts.  He's batting like Joe Thurston.  If he's out of options I'd say we need to DFA him.  I'd rather give LF to Stavinoha or maybe call up Jon Jay.  Or if Troy Glaus becomes servicable at LF (which I am thinking will probably go over about as well as the Khalil Greene at 3B experiment)...

Khalil Greene?  Ugh.  Keep him on the DL until he remembers how to hit.  Same with Ankiel.  Or release him.  At least we got 5 home runs out of him (of course the last 3 came on days we were leading anyway).

Brendan Ryan is awesome.  Hope he's our SS for the next few years.  I like him over Tyler Greene for now.

Skip Schumacher has become league average at 2B.  And his batting average is up, too.  No one should complain about his job on the team anymore.

Joe Thurston actually probably should be on the team but only off of the bench.  I'd say he makes me miss Aaron Miles but seeing how terrible Miles has been this year as a Cub I think we made the right decision regarding him.

What are the odds that Adam Kennedy would remember how to hit the year we release him?  Too little, too late I guess.

GET RID OF TODD WELLEMEYER.  Do not replace him with Brad Thompson, either.  Let someone who may be a future starter for us have some shots, such as Boggs or Mortensen.  Shame Boggs hasn't impressed at Memphis after his short stint as a Cardinal this year.  I really thought he was here to stay after that.  Or that he'd be back sooner than later.

P.J. Walters needs more time to marinate in the minors.

I hope Jess Todd isn't the PTBNL in the DeRosa deal.

I hope we find a way to keep Joel Pineiro after this year.

Kyle Lohse will rise again like the sun.

Chris Carpenter should be among the leaders in ERA now.  How many more IP does he need to be counted?  I'd say he is a Cy Young contender but I think Dan Haren might have this one.  If Carpenter pitches this way the next two years or at least one more year I'll say his contract extension was worth the money, even with 2 years down the drain with no results.  At least he isn't Jason Schmidt.

I love Carpenter>Wainwright>Pineiro>Lohse.  Very effective.  My only beef is #5.

Ryan Ludwick is back!  I knew he'd come back around.  I hope he's solid the rest of the year so people realize last year wasn't a fluke.

Molina is awesome.  It'd be cool if Matt Pagnozzi became the backup next year.

Ryan Franklin is incredible.  Truly an all-star worthy of recognition.  I can't say enough about how amazed I am by him and his beard.  Funny that his only real blemish is a homerun from Micah freakin-Owings.  However he's not alone there, Wainwright gave up a HR to him as well.  Anyway, I'm sure we extend Franklin for at least next year.  The thing is, if Motte becomes a truly effective set-up man over time, maybe we don't have a real closer-in-waiting beyond Franklin.  Hmm.


Ok guys that was a lot to get off of my chest.  Sorry this post was schizophrenic in nature.  Will do my best in the future to think things out better.

Go Cardinals!

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