Pujols to 3rd

I believe that the Cardinals should move Albert Pujols to 3rd base.  There, I said it.  I figured it would be the easiest way to say just come out and start with it.  I believe that the Cardinals should move Albert to 3rd base because it would enable us to improve the third base position's production by adding a first baseman instead.  It would also give the team a lot of flexibility defensively.

  • I would assume that Pujols, within 2-3 years, would become a very good defender at third base.  All the man does is impress in everything he puts his mind to doing.
  • Defensively, Chris Duncan is a decent option at first base.  In the outfield, where he currently roams, he is a bad to mediocre option at best.
  • Defensively, Skip Schumaker is a good to great option in left field.  At second base, where he currently roams, he is a bad option.
  • Defensively, the Walrus, Brett Wallace, projects as a first baseman or a DH, not as he is currently being used at 3rd.  Moving Pujols would allow Wallace to be brought up at some point and not have to worry nearly as much about playing defense.  He could just, then, learn to rake the MLB pitchers.

Then, the Cardinals could go a myriad directions with trades.

  • Adam Dunn has been mentioned elsewhere on the site as a trade option.  He is in the same boat as Duncan defensively.  Dunn brings a bigger name and a bigger bat than Duncan can give us, at least at the moment.  I'd prefer to play him at first than clog up an already crowded outfield.
  • Mark DeRosa has been rumored to be coming to St. Louis, most recently here.  He would be a pretty good defender at 2nd base, which would be open by moving Skip back to the outfield.  I think his bat projects much better as a second baseman than a 3rd baseman.
  • Apparently Adrian Gonzalez could be on the block in SD, along with Jake Peavy.  Adrian Gonzalez would pretty much keep the 1b defense the same as it is now...and add much more pop than we've seen at third since 2006 with Rolen reasonably healthy.
  • Matt Holliday has been rumored to (and I paraphrase) "not caring about staying in Oakland."  Holliday would represent a big bat in the lineup and the biggest name that could probably be gotten to appease Tony.  Holliday is a plus defender.  I am assuming that if Holliday is brought in, that one of our current outfielders, not named Ludwick or Rasmus, will be dealt as part of a package deal.  I would be fine if both Duncan and Ankiel were sent off for Holliday, leaving us with a Ludwick, Rasmus, Holliday, Skip platoon out there.

   I know that there are minuses to moving Pujols.  The biggest, first and foremost problem is that nobody but Albert really knows what is up with his right arm.  He seems to be healthy right now.  I think that now is the time to do it, if there ever is a time.  I believe that to keep Albert past 2011 the club will have to be competitive.  Albert has expressed the desire to move to 3rd if it helps to keep the team competitive.

   Thanks for reading, stlfan.


PS - I do not mind if this becomes the dumping ground of all trade discussion so that we can keep it all in one place...

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