Addressing the real Problems, current values, and hitting lefties

I have heard a lot of chatter about us needing a new 3B and a RH bat. I am not so sure about needing a new 3B but we do need a RH bat. I am going to over a few topics such as what is the current value's of players on our team($$$), their splits, roster management, and what is needed to patch these holes.


I am going to start with the most debated topic and work backwards, 3B.

Our team avg at 3B is .253/.335/.379/.714

The majority split between 2 players

Joe Thurston .255/.363/.387/.750 @ 3B

                   .268/.380/.441/.821 @ Overall

Brian Barden .253/.315/.434/.749 @ 3B

                   .237/.294/.398/.692 @ Overall

Defensively Barden is above average while Thurston is below average. Neither though is horrible or great with the glove though.

Now I am going to look at their splits of LH vs RH pitchers. They both have small samples so I will also like at their career splits in the minors also

vs Lefties

Joe Thurston    .280/400/.560/.960 in 25 AB's

       .290/.345/.383/.728 (minor league)

Brian Barden    .225/.279/.400/.679 in 40 AB's

         .286/ 359/.446/.805 (minor league)

Vs Righties

Joe Thurston   .265/.375/.412/.787 in 102 AB's

                     .299/.358/.455/.813 (minor league)

Brian Barden  .245/.305/.396/.701 in 53 AB's

                     .289/.347/.438/.785 (minor league)

Barden has the better career numbers but Thurston has been far superior this year. Mostly from his huge power numbers and high walk rate. Now Thurston might come down a little bit but his BB walk rate of 14.8% is what stands out for me above all. Now I will let you all make your decisions on who you think will be the better player going forward I just wanted to provide some facts off the bat.


Now lets look at the team LH vs RH splits


vs Lefties Team .237/.326/.376/.703

Pujols .314/.493/.745/1.238 in 51 AB's

Thurston .280/.400/.560/.960 in 25 AB's

Stavinoha .357/.375/.571/.946 in 14 AB's

        .321/385/.435/.820 in Minor's vs Lefties

B. Ryan .282/.383/.410/.793 in 39 AB's

Ludwick .314/.390/.400/.790 in 35 AB's

Molina .250/.367/.350/.717 in 40 AB's

Duncan .245/.286/.396/.682 in 53 AB's

Barden .225/.279/.400/.679 in 40 AB's

Schumaker .294/.351/.324/.675 in 34 AB's

Rasmus .132/.250/.211/.461 in 38 AB's

  .275/.371/.455/.826 in Minor's vs Lefties

K. Greene .150/.250/.200/.450 in 40 AB's

Ankiel .148/.207/.185/.392 in 27 AB's


What stands out to me is that none of the Ofer's can hit lefties to save their lives. Ankiel is horrid and Rasmus is not much better. But at least his career minor number's show he doesn't have that large of platoon splits. Overall pretty poor but a couple positives in the IF. Especially Ryan and Thurston.


vs Righties Team .264/.335/.436/.771

Pujols .350/.458/.650/1.108 in 123 AB's

Rasmus .281/.331/.500/.831 in 114 AB's

Duncan .262/.372/.458/.830 in 107 AB's

Schumaker .309/.353/.453/.807 in 139 AB's

Ludwick .221/.284/.512/.796 in 86 AB's

Thurston .265/.375/.412/.787 in 102 AB's

Ankiel .250/.329/.431/.760 in 72 AB's

T. Greene .250/.273/.438/.710 in 32 AB's

Molina .274/.341/.368/.709 in 117 AB's

Barden .245/.305/.96/.701 in 53 AB's

K. Greene .231/.311/.354/.665 in 65 AB's

N. Stavinoha .226/.226/.387/.613 in 31 AB's

B. Ryan .256/.273/.326/.598 in 43 AB's

Much better here. Especially in the OF but now the IF craps out. 


Now lets look at how our team rates in actual value so far ($$$)



Just ignore the pitchers since this is hitting and fielding only. My god does Khalil Greene suck. Schumaker can't even get to replacement level. Brad Thompson has a better bat than Ankiel. Colby and Ryan more valuable than previously thought due to excellent leather.



Now that we have an idea of the problems lets talk about solutions. First off it has to be Ankiel. If he the fourth best Ofer to hit righties and can't hit lefties what so ever and no long plays CF than what does value he have? None. IMO, he is the biggest dead weight to this team after K Greene. Khalil is gone for now to work out his issues. The same has to be done with Ankiel. If he can't get his stroke back than he has negative value in a corner spot. Second, Schumaker experiment at 2B is just painful to endure but at least he can hit righties. But he doesn't do it at a high enough clip though to justify his poor defense. I think he should be traded for whatever.


Now I am going to throw up some optimal lineups


vs Lefties

  1. Ryan @ SS

  2. Thurston @ 2B

  3. Pujols @ 1B

  4. Ludwick@ RF

  5. Stavinoha@ LF

  6. Molina@ C

  7. Barden@ 3B

  8. Rasmus@ CF

  9. Pitcher


vs Righties

  1. Schumaker@ 2B

  2. Rasmus@ CF

  3. Pujols@ 1B

  4. Duncan@ LF

  5. Ludwick@ RF

  6. Thurston@ 3B

  7. Molina@ C

  8. T. Greene@ SS

  9. Pitcher


Now I think we could add a 3B but we need a RH bat that can hit lefties above everything else. So I am just going to look at the potential 3B's LH split.



Potential 3B vs LH


Mark DeRosa - .347/.407/.612/1.020 in 49 AB's

.312/.386/.489/.875 (2006-2008)



Adrian Beltre - .242/.319/.355/.674 in 62 AB's

.302/.373/.528/.901 (2006-2008)



Miguel Tejada - .362/.388/.553/.941 in 47 AB's

.313/.366/.473/.839 (2006-2008)


Garrett Atkins .214/.274/.286/.560 in 56 AB's

.323/.404/.537/.941 (2006-2008)



Melvin Mora .261/.333/.370/.703 in 46 AB's

.275/.353/.486/.839 (2006-2008)



For me I think the best choice is DeRosa do to his flexibility. Regardless all we really need these guys for is to play against lefties so when giving up prospects you have to take on that consideration. But if you can somehow include Barden, Ankiel, and Schumaker than it is just bonus. I just don't think Barden and Ankiel really have a spot on this team especially if we acquire some one new. Schumaker is still our best leadoff hitter vs Righties. Only if he is the OF though. I am not sure this whole 2B thing is going to work out.



Sorry about the poor formatting. I hate SB Nation's formatting and hatred of my table making skills.

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