VEB Get Together Day, August 15th

We have already picked the day from previous discussions for August 15th. A few of us have free hotels from a deal I posted earlier. I really just want to put this up as a discussion for everything else. Such as tickets, hotels, and meeting up.



The best hotels will most likely be through name your own price service

I have had good luck bidding for hotels as low as $43 for the Crowne Plaza Downtown which came out to $56.99. Which is a good price for 2 people downtown. Now deals like these can change regurally so I reccomend checking out Bidding for Travel

It is forum that people post the best deals they find for hotels in STL.



If you live in STL it is not a far drive but if you don't here is a couple different options.


Now something like Chicago will run you under $40 Round Trip. Now I know they do run deals for $1 each way but I don't know exactly know the details since I don't use it. More details from someone else would be great


Is a great for those living in Missouri but not in STL. They are currently running a promotion for 50% off for in state travel if you are going with a companion.

So coming from KC would cost $78 for 2 people

Car Pooling

If some of us live in neighboring areas it wouldn't be such a bad idea if we just ride together.



This is the most confusing part so far that I am looking for help from others on. I know I personally want to get an all inclusive seat especially if I already got a hotel. Now I tend to be rather frugal so I am still trying to find a good deal for tickets for August 15th. Looking for any and all input for August 15th.

Now for the August 16th game I also want to go to personally. Now this one should be cheaper to go to. I figure for who ever wants to go the game will most likely be already downtown in a hotel. With the Cardinals First Pitch promotion.

You can get 2 tickets for only $11 but they are a grab bag so you don't know what you are going to get. Still a great deal and I know people that have gotten club seats out of this promotion. I figure we all could get 2 tickets and just use the good ones.

August 15th is a 6:15PM Game vs SD
August 16th is a 1:15PM Game vs SD


Now I wanted to make up some T-Shirts for the meet up and just looking for design ideas. I wanted to use Baseball Cut shirts with red sleeves. On the back I wanted Viva El Birdos with the number 67. The front though I really had no clue. Some people talked about getting their nick names on the back which is a cool idea but without designing each one personally it could be difficult. I even thought about actually printing on the front of the shirt a place for a built in name tag to just write in our nicknames.

Really I am open to all ideas from design to where to get them made.

So for right now that is about it. I will make another fanpost after we hash out some details. But for now I am just looking for any kind of ideas.

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