Shifting from Trade targets to FA targets

I haven't contributed any hairbrained ideas, and am feeling left out.  i also needed to put something in the body of this fanpost apparently.

So I am wasting time at work, looking at available free agents after the 2009 season.  It would appear that reinforcements are again not forthcoming, so I have turned my attention to the upcoming 2010 FA class, looking specificly at hitting.  It is foolish to try and distill the ills of the current offense down to two things, but that never stopped me before.

#1 We need a legit power hitter.  This situation may improve somewhat if Ludwick (no longer deserving of a nickname?) regains his form, but even then I'd be hesitant to invest myself too heavily in his imcomplete resume.  It wouldn't be such a bad thing if we could bolster the veteran presence on the club as well, especially if we want TLR to stick around.  Personally, I've been waiting for the Secret Weapon to begin based mostly on the one time my Dad and I toured the old baseball museum at Busch II and Jose signed our tickets.  The answer:  Jermaine Dye.  Model of consistency, and could sign shorter term given his age.  A decent option to bat behind the Hombre, I would think he might sign a 2 year $22 million deal or something.

#2 We need a leadoff guy.  Skip is not a leadoff hitter, no matter how often he slides into first.  Ryan isn't one either - .323 and .343 OBP for those guys, respectively this year and .345 and .330 career.  Having signed Dye already, this leadoff guy should be an infielder, and should be a versatile one.  The answer: Chone Figgins.  Stolen bases are something this team hasn't done in a while, and Figgins this year has a .399 OBP and .359 for his career (Last 3 years have been his highest in OBP - seems like a good trend).  Figgns can also play 3B and 2B, allowing us to play/bench Wallace/Skip next year, whoever appears most ready to contribute.  Making $8.5mil this year.  I wouldn't want to pay more than that.

Proposed Lineup -

Figgins - 2B/3B

Rasmus - CF

Pujols - 1B

Dye - RF

Ludwick - LF

Wallace/Skip - 3B/2B

Molina - C


T Greene - SS

With Larue and minor leaguers on the bench, our signed and arb inelgible relievers and 3 starters locked up, this should put payroll at around.$80mil, seemingly enough room for a starting pitcher.  What do you think?  If anything, we could help shed the rep that we don't field any african american players.

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