Aaron Miles is a sad fellow

Long story, but my friend's fiancee's friend's boyfriend had a run-in with ol' Grit himself at a bar in Chicago, and wrote about it in an email. I think it's an interesting look into the mind of the saddest little utility player in the MLB. Enjoy!

Here's the email in its entirity:

Miles walked into Monsignor Murphy's last night and sat right by me at the bar (I just got back from Chicago).

He came in by himself.. and I immediately said "go Cardinals! How do you like Chicago?" I knew who was in seconds.

He said, "That's not very nice... I love Chicago"

Anyhoo, I went out to smoke and told the bartenders Alex and Dougie that the person sitting at the end of the bar by me was Aaron Miles.  They told me I was wrong, so we put some bets in the bet box (which I won)

Then this is where this story gets odd. When he told us where he lived (Aldine and Broadway-BT), he said he didn't realize how many gay men lived there.  But he said he didn't care. He was doing shots left and right, told us his brother is gay, his sister is hooked on drugs and that his kids cry every time they talk to him on the phone... and that made him depressed. He was throwing f-bombs all over the place, talked about his first at-bat back at Busch.. how the Cardinals management threw him under the bus... that MO doesn't run the team... DeWitt does. Talked about the Edmonds situation. He said that the Edmonds situation was a Cardinals upper management decision and that TLR "took one for the team" on the whole situation. He said Albert is the best player in baseball but that he's not a leader in the clubhouse... how he's always bitchy after games and never does interviews and so that makes other players have to answer to the media too much for him.

And on his first at bat back at Busch, he said initially he didn't hear anyone clapping... and he was a little taken aback. But he changed his mind after he watched the tape and multiple Cubs fans told him they gave him a loud ovation.

He misses St. Louis and OB Clarkes. Said it was funny that a Cards fan in Chicago can recognize a Cubs or Cardinals players, but a Cubs fan couldn't recognize either.

He was talking about a lot more stuff, but mainly he was just depressed and wouldn't shut up about it. At one point, Alex even asked him if was going to be ok. Man, he was all over the place. He sat with us for 5 hours or so. We kept talking as if we were Dr. Phil. It was seriously crazy stuff. I couldn't believe it.

Either way, I just wanted to share. He talked about all kinds of other stuff. But he confirmed a few things for me. Cubs fans are mostly compromised of bandwagon fans, that the Cardinals are being run by a bunch of hacks and liars, Pujols IS the best player in the game... and that ball players lives aren't always all that. Oh, and that he likes shots and Monsignor Murphy's... haha.

That's all I got.  Crazy stuff.  He was a total mess.  

Poor Miles.

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