2010 Cardinals

I am watching the Cardinals game, and got to wondering.....How good could the Cardinals be in 2010? I mean, Rasmus is going to have a year under his belt, Wallace if he mashes this year will be most certainly up next year and as well as our other guys. I just wanna complete an outline of what our team could look like next year. Feel free to add/subtract anyone. Also, im not too sure about the 2010 free agent class so if you think the cardinals will go out and get somebody plug him in there. I will just do a lineup/rotation/bullpen


1. Skip Schumaker-2B

2. Colby Rasmus- CF

3. Albert Pujols-1B

4. Ryan Ludwick-RF

5. Put Free agent power hitting LF bat here-LF

6. Brett Wallace-3B/LF(Still too early to know if he will handle 3B so thats why I put the LF in there, but I would love to let Ankiel go ,and sign a big LF bat to put in the 5th spot and have Wallace bat 6th)

7. Kahil Greene-SS(I like his defense and has a pretty decent/good bat)

8. Yadier Molina-C

9. P



1. Chris Carpenter(I know im going to get comments like, "Yeah right!" and "The guy wont be healthy" but I am going to put the best possible scenario

2. Adam Wainwright

3. Put a good/really good FA starting pitcher here

4. Kyle Lohse

5. Todd Wellmeyer



LR-Dennys Reyes

LR-Garcia/Miller/Whoever else

RP-Kyle Mccelland

RP-Jason Motte

RP-Ryan Franklin

RP-Josh Kinney

RP-Chris Perez

CL-??????????? Let me hear what you got as far as free agents, or if you want Perez/Motte closing, ect.


Well that is just a 10 minute thought of what could be for next year, so I probably missed a lot of key players/thoughts. It looks like some main players to me not returning next year are:

Ankiel(I wouldnt overpay, let somebody else)

Glaus(He was a good fill in for Freese/Wallace to come up for that 2 years)

Pinero(Im not sure if he is a FA after this year but I would try and trade him/DFA. Im not a big fan.)

I wanna hear what your guy's thoughts are. Also, if anyone has any information on our FA, Payroll for next year, ect that would help out to see how much cap room we have for next year and to see who is a FA next year as well, thanks.

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