Picking up the pieces; or, Plan B from Memphis

At this hour, we don't know if carpenter has a strained oblique, a torn oblique, or if several important muscle groups have just detached themselves from his ribcage. 

but as my grandmother didn't say, god doesn't close a door unless he slams the window sill down on your fingers too.

so, who do we get to replace him? who is available?

our immediate option will be memphis. all you guys waiting on pedro martinez will have to wait a bit more, i think.

so rotation candidates at memphis are (all projections are CHONE)

clayton mortensen (projected ERA 5.36/FIP 5.31/K:BB 1.36)

mitch boggs (4.99/5.05/1.30)

adam ottavino (5.78/5.93/1.25)

pj walters (4.61/4.84/1.81)

and blake hawksworth (4.79/5.19/1.71)

jess todd, we can count too, if you like, though the club seems to think him destined for the bullpen, and has cleverly and with exceptional timing, removed him from the memphis rotation. (4.50/4.95/1.87)

for the sake of "fun" let's look at resident long man brad thompson (4.28/4.08/1.94). however, it's worth noting that in the season in which he was called on to start with regularity, he did not stand the extra inning load very well (2007: 4.73/5.96/1.33). his terrible FIP came mostly from giving away a free home run with every plate appearance. okay, we're done looking.

roster management point: boggs, the hawk, and mort are all on the 40-man. so adding them to the ML squad wouldn't take up a slot.

Boggs is probably the course of least resistance. Most known quantity. On the 40-man. But he has some of the worst projections and peripherals. We saw him last year and he was not particularly impressive.

Todd would probably be the best of the bunch, going by projections. But as mentioned, he is no longer stretched out as a starter. he appeared in relief on the 13th.

Walters seems like a good option here. he had a good spring, showing up with improved velocity.

who's fresh? mort pitched tonight. the hawk pitched last night. walters pitched the 11th, ottavino the night before that, and boggs on the ninth. 

my humble suggestion: our bullpen is spent, our rotation has a gaping hole, our middle infield is overfull. send down ryan (yes, i know he's out of options) and motte. DL carpenter (i am assuming this is necessary). Call up perez, boggs, and walters. boggs and perez can eat innings tomorrow along with franklin if needed. prep walters for starting in carp's spot. this will free up some fresh-ish arms for the bullpen and provide a starter in carp's spot. 

other options are worth considering, including sending down thompson or kinney instead of motte - though we would likely lose the optionless thompson. bringing up todd is definitely possible.

but it would sure suck to just surrender the relief innings tomorrow if pineiro isn't still drinking the same water as kyle lohse.

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