Glaus to be back at All-Star Break?

Joe Strauss does some reporting on Troy Glaus's rehab. The story brings what I would consider to be good news and disheartening news. To begin with, Glaus will rehab in Phoenix with Keith Coker, who directly supervised his 2004 rehab from shoulder surgery. To put it another way, he is escaping the St. Louis Cardinal National League Baseball Club medical staff.

A few paragraphs down in the piece, Strauss offers us some anonymous projections as to a potential return date for our injured third baseman:

Glaus will remain in Phoenix until he is ready to fully participate in baseball-related activities. He will then return to the team’s spring training headquarters when ready to play. Glaus will also likely require an extended rehab assignment with a minor-league affiliate.

Though Glaus did not offer a specific timetable, club sources have indicated it is unlikely he would be activated before June.

Glaus emphasized his shifting rehab should not be construed as an indictment of treatment he has received since entering camp Feb. 17. 

“The course of action we took was not as quick as everybody hoped. That was it,” Glaus said. “It has nothing to do with an indictment of anybody or any group.”

Forgive us, Troy, for we are a fickle fanbase with a long and sordid recent history when it comes to shoulder injuries (ahem, Rolen and Mulder). Essentially, the length of time Glaus is expected to miss has doubled, from one month to two. David Freese, your time is now.


Bernie blogs late last night/early this mornin' that Glaus will be re-evaluated in June and possibly have a four-week rehab stint in the bus leagues. This puts the target return date at the All-Star break. But, Bernie goes beyond that:

Just assume he’s done and won’t play at all in 2009. Does that sound harsh? Sure it does. But I suggest this so you don’t torment yourselves into believing Glaus will be back by a certain date. Brace for the worst, and if Glaus comes back, then it’s a nice bonus. Then you can celebrate the good news. But it would be foolish to circle a date on the calendar and expect Glaus to trot out and take his customary spot at 3B on a specific day. How many times will we be fooled by this organization’s silly, wildly optimistic injury prognostications? When Glaus had the shoulder surgery, we were assured he’d be ready a couple of weeks into April — if not sooner…and team management was annoyed by any media suggestions to the contrary.  Ah, but then the Cardinals told us that Glaus would be return in May. Now the forecast has zoomed right past June; they’re talking about Glaus being back by the All-Star Game break. (Read El Diablo’s report here.) Please. The Cardinals are going down Mulder Road again, and I for one refuse to follow. 

After that less-than-rosy assessment from Bernie, it seems that we all have a much greater rooting interest in St. Louisan David Freese...

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