Dream Offseason

I think I have come to terms with the fact that this season's playoff push is a lost cause.  These Cardinals have put me through a thrill ride.  And to be honest, I wouldn't have it any different.  Of course I would have loved for the Cards to have won 162 games and swept through the playoffs, but considering that is never going to happen, and that this team was left for dead at the start of the season, I think this has been one of my favorite seasons as a Cardinals fan.

Anways, I have been thinking about the offseason a lot the last couple of days.  I have come up with my dream offseason.  These aren't complete fantasy moves; no Alex Rodriguez for LaRue straight up or signing C.C Sabbathia to a team friendly affordable contract.  These are moves that I think the Cardinals should and more importantly could do(or is it could and more importantly should, I don't know)

I will also preface this by saying while I'm not sure about salary numbers and the like, I am trying to be reasonable as possible.  Like I said, I think these are moves the team could afford.  I am also going with rumors that have been put out there about players that could be made available by other teams(I'm looking at you Tulowitzki)

1.  Release Adam Kennedy--Simply put, he is taking up a roster spot that could go to a cheaper, more productive player.  As I said, I don't  really know how salaries work, but if it's as simple as giving him the $3mil we still owe him to go away it has to be done.  The other option is to eat a large part of the contract and trade him.  Not sure what we could get for him, probably no more than that well traveled jack of all trades, Player to be Named Later.

2.  Resign Felipe Lopez for no more than 2 million a year and Miles for no more than 1.5 million, or find veteran equivalents for the same price.  Whatever you may think about these two, players like this are needed on all teams in order to be successful.  A certain level of grit is required, if you will.  Let these two, Brendan Ryan, Hoffpauir, and Brian Barden battle in Spring Training for the starting 2B position, and use the others as utility/backups or send them to Memphis.  Having these offensive juggernauts at the keystone is ok because.....

4.  Trading Rasmus, Mortensen/Garcia, and Anderson for Tulowitzki.  Obviously he may not really be available.  And even if he is, then obviously start with a lower offer and don't go any higher than this, but this kid is a dynamic talent at a prime position.  We have a glut of outfielders, so while it would wrench my heart to trade Rasmus, getting 4 years of cheap Tulo would be the only type of deal I would be ok with losing Rasmus over.

5.  Re-sign Braden Looper.  I struggled here between this and signing Derek Lowe. Without looking at any numbers to back me up, I feel like Looper would be close to the same level of ability for less cost and at a younger age.  Maybe 7-10 milion/ year for 3 years.  It may take more than that and I might be completely wrong about him being close to as good as Lowe.  If so, I reserve the right to change my mind.

6.  Don't re-sign Loshe.  Hope that a team with unprotected draft picks decide to sign him and take our picks and run.

7.  Start working to extend Pujols beyond 2011.  Maybe even do it.  For the sake of sanity, humanity, clarity, any other ity's Pujols has to be a Cardinal for his whole career.

Thoughts? Ideas? Changes?


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