You've just been hired as a manager for a MLB team..

This team happens to run things completely differently than the norm. As the manager you no longer make any play by play choices. Ever. You no longer make any lineup choices. Ever. 

As manager you are now a direct representation of the players for the front office and media. Your duties include talking to the players and guaging health and tiredness. Talking to the media and relating real issues within the clubhouse, issues with the minor league teams. Confronting the Ump is still part of your job, so you may actually do it more when an ump has a strike zone that appears to be sitting on Jello.

You now carry a tablet pc. This tablet now determines all situational game planning. It determines lineups, rotation management, bullpen management and uses and composes trends for opposing pitchers and managers.

The organization is very invested into the system behind the tablet. Spring Training is no longer just a warm up. During Spring Training a lot of info is collected in a way that gives the organization an ideal look at abilities. Range tests, reaction timing, home to first and the like. Consider it a team based "combine" akin to the NFL's setup. Of course with true biases towards things needed in the MLB. 

The system from a front office point of  view (since you're the manager, I'll give you a peek) would decide things from organizational promotions, demotions, player value, contracts, arb/option consequences and the like.

The organization also has inducted serious fines interally for not documenting any health based issues. There is no hero complex on our team. There are also a few battery of routine tests done during every homestand to keep a perspective on how the players are holding up. Our team doesn't believe in the concept in "70% there".

 Now, you're hired for the next 5 years. No 3am phone calls saying you're gone, no September press conferences. You were vetted before hand and understand what you're walking into. We'll take our chances.

Now, I'm going to sit you in front of the G.I.C (geeks in charge) to start talking about stats that would be needed in order to create such a system, information that has yet to be gathered, approaches to take into the club house and the like.

Here's where you come in. we no longer have a manager that has a dice that he rolls, or belief in a veteran that doesn't have stats to back it up. There is no concept of overexposure, protecting the young guys.

What stats would you use to decide future aquisitions, what stats would you use for line up construction, approaches towards the other teams pitchers, field positioning, minor league management, situationals.

if there isn't a stat, describe one that you would like to see looked at. Just because one is the only stat of its kind doesn't mean it is the defacto winner, if it has a foundation that gives it a bias then it should be contested.

In short, the whole idea is to take away all biases. Every night it seems there's gripes about lineup construction, so let's take the manager out of the equation. Every night there is gripes about the bullpen management, so let's look into taking the manager out of it as well.

What do you need in such a system, or things that you would like to have?


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