Get on the Rays October Bandwagon (Octob-ray?)

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is a letter to inform you that we are deeply sorry they your team has been eliminated from Major League Baseball playoff contention. We understand you must be upset and we understand if it takes you a few days to embrace the concept we will put forward to you.

But, we ask you, join us on the Tampa Bay Rays bandwagon and help us ride it all the way to victory!

Reasons to join the Rays bandwagon:

1) The little guys - A franchise that has been in oblivion, choked out by the overspending AL East teams finally has it's first taste of success. While it seems likely they will be around for years to come, nothing in baseball is a given. Wouldn't it be nice if a team that built from within in a division of overpriced FAs won the World Series? Wouldn't it send a great message to Royals, Pirates and Nationals fans that with patience (and smart people) you too can climb out of baseball hell?

2) You hate the Red Sox - A popular feeling amongst a lot of fans. The annoying bandwagon fans (heh - irony), the sudden feeling of superiority for winning 2 titles in 90 years. What better way to stick it to the Red Sox and keep them from using all their money to buy another World Series than to root for the ugly stepchild of their own division.

3) You want to laugh at the Cubs - 101 years is symetric. But we can't get there unless year 100 ends the same way as the other 99 for the Cubs. What better way to laugh at the Cubs than to have another team, just like Arizona, Florida, Toronto, Minnesota, Mets, and Anaheim to come completely into existence and win a World Series since the Cubs last won the Series. In fact, with how pathetic the NL is, the Rays may end up being the only thing standing between the Cubs and destiny.

4) George Steinbrenner lives in Tampa - Hate the Yankees? That's a rhetorical question. We already know the answer to that. Want to stick it to the Boss as he sees Yankee Stadium fall without another World Championship? How about a World Series in his own back yard!

5) Joe Buck thinks Tampa is a female product - Forcing Joe Buck to have to leave the New England area to broadcast a baseball game, to force him to act like he actually knows who the players on the Rays are and to make him have to stuff himself into those tiny pressboxes in the Trop is a noble reason to back this team.

6) Parity - For all the lambasting of baseball for not having a salary cap, a Rays World Series would fight back the claims that there exists a competitive imbalance in baseball because of the 'Haves' and 'Have nots'.

7) More cowbell - Like the Rally Monkey of Anaheim, the 'red soul patch' of St. Louis and the Bloody socks of Boston, the World Series needs more cowbell.

We hope you will take these under consideration when you begin to plan your 'adopted playoff' team for this years MLB Postseason.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon,
Hardcore Legend
VEB President of the Bandwagon Rays fans






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