What would a pure OPS lineup look like?

We had some pretty spirited discussions in the game thread today about which players belong in the lineup.  There were some great points made by AdjustedExpectations indicating a serious disparity in playing time between both the infielders and the outfielders.  It got me wondering where the decisions might be coming from.  I decided to take a look at what a lineup based solely on OPS might look like.  I know that there are plenty of additional variables to making out a lineup, but I thought it would add some discussion.

So, I looked at the OFs, first.

  1. Ludwick  1.130
  2. Ankiel  .853
  3. Duncan  .776
  4. Schumaker  .738
  5. Barton  .727

This would lead to an OF of

  • LF  Duncan
  • CF  Ankiel
  • RF  Ludwick

Then, I looked at the IFs next.

  1. Pujols  1.082
  2. Glaus  .801
  3. Molina  .755
  4. Miles  .707
  5. Ryan  .655
  6. Izturis  .643
  7. Kennedy  .637
  8. LaRue  .530

First of all, let me just say that having 5 of 8 at about .700 or below is pathetic.  That said, I come up with an IF of:

  • C  Molina
  • 1B  Pujols
  • 2B  Miles
  • SS  Ryan
  • 3B  Glaus

So, I think we start to see why we have LOB problems.  There aren't enough guys that can hit a 2B on this team, much less an HR.  Our middle infield is really awful offensively.  Honestly, Miles is the best of the group, right now.  Pitiful.

What do you guys think about that lineup?  Are we losing enough defensively by replacing Schumaker or Barton with Duncan?  How about replacing Kennedy and Izturis with Miles and Ryan?  I have stated frequently that I don't have much use for Miles, but the numbers make it difficult to just write him off.  Personally, for my batting order, I would go this way:

  1. Miles
  2. Molina
  3. Pujols
  4. Ankiel
  5. Ludwick
  6. Glaus
  7. Duncan
  8. Pitcher (WTH)
  9. Ryan

I think Molina has a chance to be really helpful in the 2 hole.  His OPS is a little lower than Duncan, but his OBP could be very useful here.  Duncan's power could be more useful lower in the order.  You could use Miles and Molina in hit-and-run situations.  Molina's speed won't be an issue in front of Pujols, IMO.  You aren't going to steal bases in that spot, and Pujols is better without the hit-and-run.

Just some thoughts, so I'm interested in hearing what you guys/gals think.  Who would you platoon, and why?  Thanks for your time.

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