Ghosts of Redbirds Past, 2006 World Champs Edition

Since today is May Day, lets take a trip down memory lane, looking at some of our former fan faves and how they are doing in jerseys without the Birds on Bat. Today's "Ghosts of Redbirds Past" focuses on the 2006 World Champions who are now playing elsewhere.

David Eckstein , 2006 World Series MVP

2008 Salary: $4.5M

.248 BA / .321 OBP / .307 SLG / .628 OPS / 11 SO / 4 XBH

A lot has been written about our current collection of slappy middle infielders, and justifiably so; however, the prototypical Cardinals slappy middle infielder is this man, who TLR once called the "toughest player" he had ever managed. Miles is a mere shadow of Eckstein because Eckstein has made a career of playing SS. Still, for the month of April, Izturis is likely the better value. Despite being on the DL (which is a value unto itself with him), he has managed a .350 OBP in the #9 hole. Their OPS is vitually identical (.628 to .623). Add to this the fact that Izturis is demonstrably better defensively and you get a better value for the month of April.

By the end of this season, gauging Izturis' value may be done as a stopgap between the Eckstein and Brendan Ryan eras (then again, maybe not). April could the most important month in assessing him. Of course, it is only May 1st and, naturally, the jury is still out.

Scott Rolen , Mortal Enemy of TLR, Former MV3 Member

2008 Salary: $11.625M

5 G / 19 AB / .316 BA / .381 SLG / .697 OPS / 1 HR / 4 2B

The key statistic is games played, and that is a total of five, due to his finger injury. That said, he's swinging the bat fairly well. Of course, Rolen doesn't lead the league in doubles, like Troy Glaus. Best value for the month of April is clearly Glaus.

Jimmy Edmonds , Former Majestic CF, Former MV3 Member

2008 Salary: $8M

.153 BA / .235 OBP / .222 SLG / .457 OPS / 1 HR / No range in OF

Writing this brings a tear to my eye. It makes me sad to think how far the Might Edmonds has fallen in skill. He was so good for so long for St. Louis that he deserved better; namely, a glorious farewell tour in Cardinal red last season. This could be Mo's best move as GM. I don't want to seem like I'm trashing Jimmy Baseball. I forked out for some StubHub tickets to the San Diego series by the Padres dugout, have made my "Thanks Jimmy" sign, and plan on wearing my Edmonds jersey t-shirt. Also, I have a photo of his 2004 NLCS catch on my wall.

Jeff Suppan, Cardinal Nation Postseason Folk Hero

2008 Salary: $8.25M

34.2 IP / 5.19 ERA / 5 HR allowed / 12 SO / 11 BB

Soup got shelled  last night by the Cubbies (8 ER, 11 total runs, in 3 2/3). Who would you rather have? Soup at twice the cost of Lohse? Soup at $2M more than El Pineiro? While he will always have a place in Cardinal lore, letting him go, at his contract price, was a wise move by Jocketty.

Jeff Weaver, Former Cardinal, Mariner, Current Nashville Sound

2007 Stats: 170 IP / 5.76 ERA / 8 W / 14 L / 34 HR allowed

2008 Stats: Has yet to pitch

Wow, did Dream Weaver screw up by signing with Seattle. I mean, wow. Here's to hoping he comes to Des Moines to pitch vs. the I-Cubs so I can hold up a sign reading, "Thank you for your 2.43 ERA in the '06 playoffs!"

Ronnie Belliard, Web Gem Regular

2008 Salary: $1.6M

.214 BA / .323 OBP / .339 SLG / .662 OPS / 1 HR / 4 2B

Last season (.290/.332/.427), he seemed like the one that got away. Heck, I thought he was. And maybe he was since he is signed to less money on a shorter contract than what we are on the hook with for AK. Better 2007 value vs. AK. Better April 2008 value is AK.

Jason Marquis, Bipolar Betty

2008 Salary: $6.375M

4.45 ERA / 17 SO / 10 BB

He's been solid for Chicago, which is frustrating to me given all of the "Have fun watching Marquis" emails I sent out after his signing. He's been a more than adequate bottom-of-the-rotation starter for them. That said, I'm happy to be rid of him. It was time for him to break up with LaDunc and move to greener ivy, er, I mean, pastures.

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