MVP Hypocrisy

I'd love to get a debate and discussion going about postseason award winners for 2008, and this atrocious article on should get a little bit of discussion going.

Seriously, how can you give the AL MVP to K-Rod and then NOT give the NL MVP to Lidge?  Saves is such a terrible stat to use to judge things, and Lidge had a much better season than K-Rod in every other category related to pitching.  Not to mention that Lidge didn't blow a single save all year.  I don't think any reliever deserves an MVP award, not even Eck when he had his ridiculous year in the early 90's, but if you're putting K-Rod on top in one league, it's foolish to say that a pitcher who was better in every facet of performance statistics shouldn't also get the award in the other league.

Second, Pujols finishes FIFTH in the voting in the National League behind two guys who played half a season, Lidge, and Ryan Howard -- who the author says got into contention by hitting .355 for September with 11 home runs.  I guess the fact that Albert hit .357 for the season, hit .366/.456/.706 in the second half, and had his best RBI month of the season in September is easy to overlook.  Considering that Sabathia and Ramirez probably wouldn't be contenders based on their total stats from the season, I hardly see how they're qualified as MVP candidates, especially when Manny's own manager has said that he felt Casey Blake was the biggest reason for the club's turnaround on the field and in the clubhouse.

Apparently being the Most Valuable Player disqualifies you from being the best pitcher, since K-Rod and Sabathia lose out in the Cy Young voting to two pitchers who aren't even on his top 10 in the MVP voting.


Ignoring the fact that starters have much higher leverage in terms of valuability to a team, how can you hypocritically state that those two guys are two of the four most valuable players and then not have them win their leagues Cy Young awards?  Sabathia loses because Santana "was in the NL all year" -- but that fact isn't enough to get Santana on the MVP list I guess....

I have no quibbles with his choices for ROY -- maybe the smaller sample of players didn't overwhelm him so much that he had to make a crazy pick here.  Although I do find it interesting that he leaves off Edinson Volquez who was second in the NL in K's as a rookie and looked incredibly dominant in the first half before running out of gas, as rookie pitchers are prone to do.

Piniella is a good choice for manager of the year in the NL and Maddon is the runaway winner in the American League, although not giving mention to Terry Francona is a crime.  Dealing with the Manny saga, Papi, Drew, Beckett, Schilling, and Lowell all missing time, and a suddenly hittable bullpen has to make this one of the better managing jobs in the big leagues.

Executives of the year are ok picks too, but I'd have to give the nod to Tony Reagins of the Angels for swindling the Braves for Tex AND holding onto most of his top prospects in the minors.

Outside of the fact that this guy should have his press credentials revoked for lack of intelligence, what does everyone else think about the postseason awards this year?

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