Mo's Diary

From the mind of Mo..............

"Miles, Politte, Wasdin, Brazelton, LaRue, Itzuris, Clement......interviewing Jim Lindeman tomorrow....I am really putting my stamp on this ballclub.  Mom called to thank me for signing someone she had heard of - Roberto Clemente.  I just told her he was making a comeback and left it at that."

"I showed some humongous balls by trading Edmonds.  Now maybe people will start recognizing me in public."  

"Luhnow has locked me out of my laptop again.  Just as well, I never read his stupid charts and graphs anyway.  Plus, those Miguel Cairo emails are a little threatening.  I think he was following me at Walgreens the other day."  

"If I can last a year or two in this job, my baseball card collection should be awesome plus I've started a great collection of those neat little hotel soaps and shampoos."

"Can't believe I let the Royals beat me to Hideo Nomo............I just love watching that wind-up."

"Saw Scotty at Paletta's office.  He told me to f***-off.  At least we're talking now."

"There's really no value in re-signing Aaron Miles.  I just like to see the comment section light up on VEB.  Plus, Aaron is such a cute little fellow and he tries so hard!  Kinda reminds me of myself."

"If anyone finds out that lboros is smarter than me - and free - I'm in big trouble."

"So I signed a couple people by mistake............Flores - Randy, Ron, whatever.......who knew there were two of them?........Kelvin, D'Angelo......Barton, Barden.....who can keep up with all this paperwork?"

"Finalists for my new cool VEB secret screen name - JohnMozeliak, itradedjimmy, imagmreallyiamnotkidding."

"I don't mind doing TLRs laundry but I hate grooming his cats during the off-season.  His suggestion that I get written permission before visiting the clubhouse is way over the top but I'll probably do it if he lets me meet Bobby Knight.  (I can't wait to ask him about that chair throwing incident)"

"Hired Dr. Phil to meet with TLR, Dunc Sr and AR.  Pretty neat.....maybe we can all be on TV together."

"Brian Cashman and Theo Epstein think they are so cool.  If Clement can win 20 may they will quit making fun of me at the GM meetings.  Maybe I should sign Pavano too."

"Mr. Dewitt said if I keep doing a good job, he'll let me talk in management meetings."

"Corky Rasmut probably will be a good cf but I think he needs to learn how to VORP a little better."

"Got a real problem brewing for spring training as Dunc Sr and Jr have devised a plan where they would beat the snot out of Weniberg and Paletta everytime someone goes on the DL> Weinberg now carrying mace in his little "trainer man bag"

"Saw Stan and Red at lunch the other day.  I didn't mind not getting to sit with them but it was downright mean for Stan to call me an idiot.  (Maybe I shouldn't have asked to play his harmonica)  Red said I was just keeping the chair warm.  What does that mean?"

"Why does Luhnow keep suggesting at staff meetings that I spend a couple of months touring the Venezuelan leagues?"

"Reds seem like such a dysfunctional organization. Kinda feel sorry for them."

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