Realistic Looks

I think that there are 7 or 8 players out there that the Cardinals should give a realistic look at over the next year.  I do not like all 8 of these players, nor do I think that the Cards will necessarily sign any of these players.  I just think that these are guys who will be available at some point over the next year as free agents or via trade.

1.  Livan Hernandez

Livan is a free agent this year and I think that this team just needs a #2-3 guy in the rotation that can eat up innings.  Adam Wainwright may very well be a #1-2 starter for many years to come; I think next year it would be nice to see Livan pitch 220 innings of ~4.00 ERA ball to make sure our bullpen doesn't have to throw 600+ innings or something next year.

2.  AJ Burnett

See my post a week or so ago for why this would be intriguing.  Also, notice in the post that I do not necessarily WANT this one.  This would have to be via trade.

3.  Adam Dunn

If the Reds do not pick up his option, I want to see him in the lineup batting either directly in front of or directly behind Albert.  That could give us 3 guys in the lineup (with Duncan) that are possible 100-run/100-rbi guys.

4.  Torii Hunter

Torii is a free agent this off-season.  He is a guy who could get 80-90 runs, 30+ HR, 100+ RBI, 15-30 SB (if our manager next year will allow) and play + defense.  I like any guy like that.

5.  Aaron Rowand

He is a guy who is coming into his own right now.  He plays + defense, could be a 100-run/100-rbi guy on a regular basis (although it might be more realistically a 85-run/85-rbi guy regularly).

6.  Barry Bonds

He is a free agent.  He is a guy that I might stop watching Cardinals' baseball if they get, plus he would add to an outfield that is injured a lot anyway; however, his OBP hasn't dropped below .400 in 8 seasons and his SLG has been above .500 since 1989 - before I turned 10 years old.

7.  Alex Rodriguez

He is a free agent - if he opts out of his option.   He is a guy who we will not get, unless he takes a HUGE pay cut because he likes it here or something.  I don't really need to say much about him except a possible lineup with him and Albert excites me beyond belief.

8.  Edgar Renteria

Edgar would have to come back via a trade.  Escobar has been playing a lot more near the end of the year and Renteria hasn't quite been the same since he left here.  The Cardinals need a shortstop and Edgar might be the best, truly available option.  I am afraid of trading with ATL a little, though.


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